Uchitama?! ~Uchi no Tama Shirimasenka?~

  • うちタマ?! ~うちのタマ知りませんか?~ , Uchitama?! Have you seen my Tama?
  • Character voiced: Okamoto Tama
  • Performed:
    • ED1 “Hidamari wo Sagashite”
    • ED11 “3-chome no Theme” (w/ rest of cast)


Streams / Broadcasts


  • 2019/9/21: Kyomaf Special Stage
  • 2020/1/5: Episode 1 Advance Screening & Cast Talk
  • 2020/2/29: Uchitama?! 3rd Street Correspondence: Extra Edition in Tobu Zoo Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2020/3/21: Uchitama?! 3rd Street Correspondence: Extra Edition in AnimeJapan Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2020/5/10: 3rd Street Flower Festival Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2020/7/18: Vocal Collection & Original Soundtrack Special Talk Event (postponed from 4/18 due to COVID-19)


  • Vocal Collection
    • Track 1: “Hidamari wo Sagashite” / Tama (CV: Saito Soma)
  • Original Soundtrack
    • Bonus Track: “3-chome no Theme”
  • After-talk CD (Saito Soma, Kaji Yuki)
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.1
    • Original Drama CD
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.2
    • Variety Show (w/ Saito Soma, Shirai Yusuke, Uchida Yuma, Kaji Yuki)
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.3
    • Original Drama CD (contains Tama solo version of “3-chome no Theme”)
  • Special DJCD for buying all of Vol.1-6 from participating retailers
  • 3rd Street Flower Festival Event Pamphlet


  • Soma wasn’t in the February Uchitama stream, but the guests mentioned him a few times:
    • Moyochi said that Tama (Soma) was the craziest during the recording tests, and Hatano said that sometimes the “dark Soma” would come into sight
    • They were showing off the reversible cushions, and Moyochi said she wanted one with Soma’s face on the inside instead of Tama’s (and Hatano/Shiraimu said that would be terrifying)
    • Hatano said that ever since they started working on Uchitama, Soma would keep saying “Shirai-kun is too funny”
  • In an interview with Shiraimu and Ume-chan:
    • Shiraimu: Soma-kun is kind of like a cat pretending to be a dog? He’s friendly but he also has a cat side. A dog-like cat!
    • Ume-chan: It’s difficult for a grown man to speak in a high pitch, and after recording Episode 1, Soma-kun said that his throat was in really good shape that day, and that if Episode 1 became the standard, it might be hard later on
  • Cast Group Photo
  • Video Message
  • Tama Voice CM (region locked)
  • 3rd Street Flower Festival Event Pamphlet off-shots
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  • 3rd Street Flower Festival Event Pamphlet Preview