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Welcome to my pet project, where I attempt to catalogue and translate everything involving the voice actor Saito Soma, who happens to also be a talented singer, musician, and writer. Soma is involved with so many different things that I’m sure this site will never be complete, but I hope the English-speaking fandom can benefit from this thinly veiled attempt at organizing my collection encyclopedia-in-progress!

→As a general rule, this site does not host any video or audio files, or link to any non-official sources. Magazine scans will be posted, but not in high resolution (and my scanner quality is not great to begin with).

→Feel free to share any of the translations on this site, as long as you do not claim them as yours.


Content that will be translated in full:

  • Interviews
  • Tweets from his official artist account @SomaStaff, as well as the occasional ones posted by him on other seiyuus’ accounts (since he doesn’t have a personal Twitter). (Only up to 1st live so far. I will catch up eventually)
  • Event reports
  • Blog posts
  • Magazine columns
  • Random information I stumble upon

Content that will be summarized only:

  • Radios
  • Web streams
  • TV broadcasts

Topics that will be covered:

  • His solo artist career (I hope to have time to go super in-depth on this)
  • Roles in anime, video games (for the sake of my sanity, this will exclude most mobile games), drama CDs, etc
  • His TV variety show, Somakimi
  • His magazine serializations and released books
  • Dame janai Radio, as well as appearances on various programs

If you look at the page for Uchitama, I hope to achieve that depth of coverage for everything Soma’s been involved with. Major franchises like i7 will probably take a while to put pages together for, but I’ll still cover current content as it releases.

(Basically, this will never be done)

(Yes, I have lost my mind)