Misc notes that I didn’t want to clutter up the homepage with:

  • I’m too lazy to proofread and you may find typos or weird wording. If it’s particularly bad (like “what does this even mean” or an embarrassing typo), let me know on Twitter and I’ll fix it!
  • You may notice that name romanization seems inconsistent. But actually, I’m abiding by whatever they have on their official profiles. If that means mixing two different long vowel romanization styles in the same name, then so be it. (*cough* Nishiyama Koutaro *cough*)
  • Unfortunately I don’t have a great solution if you’re looking for an update feed, because all of the posts are dated according to the item’s publication date (this site was originally for my own organization purposes). That means that older interviews I post won’t appear at the front of any kind of “all posts” page. I’ll try to post updates to Twitter under the #SSArchive tag.


I’m not omnipotent and there are some Soma things that I don’t have access to. If you share any of these with me, I will love you forever 🙂

(This list is incomplete and will be expanded on as I remember things.)

  • Pretty much any kind of drama CD or audio commentary included with BDs/DVDs, especially if they were a bonus for buying the whole series. I’m not made of money, so I only buy a select few myself.
  • Hatano Rururu #29 Omake (羽多野るるる29回おまけ)

^ Forgot to grab this before it expired (since it expired earlier than the real stream did) and it doesn’t seem to be uploaded anywhere. I think the omake was just Hatano by himself, but it’d still be nice to add anything relevant to the post!

  • Saito Soma & Ishikawa Kaito no Dame Janai Video Live Stream Vol.1 (斉藤壮馬・石川界人のダメじゃない動画生放送 Vol.1)
  • “Eguchi Takuya no Oretachi datte Yappari Iyasaretai! Tokubetsu-hen ~Fukui to Toyama no Tabi~” Release Event Online Party (俺癒オンラインパーティー)

^ These were events that I didn’t apply for (couldn’t be in Japan for those dates), but they later got cancelled because of COVID-19 and changed into live streams for applicants only. The change came after applications closed, so it was too late to apply after the fact 🙁
I have the director’s cut for the Dameradi stream, but it’s in tiny radio resolution and missing most of the content, so the full HD video would be much appreciated.
Of course, if either of these are released on DVD later, I’ll just buy them instead. (But I’m not sure if they will be, since they were only live streams.)

  • I’m also looking for Soma’s posts on Visual Boy (ビジュアルボーイ), of which there are quite a few (and the content seems interesting too). The site requires a Japanese phone plan from one of the big 3 telecoms (docomo, au, Softbank) and possibly(?) a registration fee. I’m on an MVNO so I can’t access it. If you have the means to, I will gladly pay the costs.