[Stream] Uchitama?! 3rd Street Correspondence in Aniplex 48-Hour TV

Broadcast: 2020/3/22 @ 5:30pm JST
Original URL: https://abema.tv/channels/abema-anime-3/slots/FC3YCRdmRGDYbZ (no longer available)
Original Name: うちタマ?! 3丁目通信 in アニプレックス48時間テレビ
Guests: Saito Soma (MC), Ono Kensho, Uchida Yuma

This was a half-hour segment of Aniplex’s 48-hour stream that replaced their planned stage event at AnimeJapan 2020 (which was cancelled due to COVID-19).

Choice Quotes

Q: What’s your nostalgic “taste of home”?

Soma: The fried chicken in lunch boxes, like the family-size ones we’d bring to school sports events. Specifically the way it’s already gotten cold, so it isn’t crunchy anymore–that’s the best. There’s this karaage flour I always use, and whenever I eat it I immediately get transported back to that time.

Q: What is your weakness?

Yuma: Do you even have any weaknesses?
Soma: I have nothing but weaknesses
Kensho: Mornings.
*everyone lamenting about mornings*
Soma: Are you the type that’ll keep sleeping for a long time if you fall back asleep?
Kensho: Yep
Soma: Saaame…
Soma: I used to wake up early, but as the years passed I got worse
Yuma: I wake up super early… like, at 3am
Kensho: Huh?
Soma: What lolol
Soma: Doesn’t that mean you haven’t gone to sleep yet?
Yuma: I used to have a habit of going to sleep at 8pm, and then waking up at 2-3am to play games
Kensho: What kind of lifestyle is that?!
Yuma: I’d get yelled at if I played at night, so I’d go to sleep early so that I could wake up early and play
Soma: What a clever kid

(More weakness talk)
Soma: I’m bad with heights… as well as holding thin objects *picks up pen* because my hands naturally shake, same with when I’m holding up scripts. What else… I feel like I have nothing but weaknesses… maybe I was born on the wrong planet lol
Soma: Oh and ALLERGIES, it’s so bad right now… I seriously wanna cry