[Event] Uchitama?! Kyomaf Special Stage

Date: 2019/9/21 @ 2:20pm
Event: Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair
Guests: Saito Soma, Shirai Yusuke, Hatano Wataru (MC)

Choice Quotes

(Guests are sitting down after introductions)
Soma: *sits down and starts fumbling with the adjustable chair*
Shiraimu: *turns around just in time to see Soma lower his chair about 10cm* Huh? Don’t you think that’s too low?
Hatano/Shiraimu: What’s going on?
Soma: *silently adjusts the chair back up while still holding the mic to his mouth*
Hatano: Can you stop holding the mic up if you’re not going to say anything? It’ll make us worry lol
Soma: Hahaha
Shiraimu: Stop it with the silent jokes
Hatano: Okay so anyway, today we’ll be– wait, are you going to keep it like that?
Soma: Should I make it higher?
Hatano: It’s ok either way
Soma: I’m scared of heights so…
Shiraimu: You were singing on a tall stage just the other day!

(Talking about how they knew the original Tama & Friends series)
Shiraimu: Oh, I’ve been Friends with it ever since I was little
Soma: *to Hatano* …Can we switch seats?

This event was also covered by the VTuber Rinkulo, including a video message from Soma himself.

Bonus: Alternate versions of the top image