(Ongoing) Saito Soma no Kenkou de Bunkateki na Saitei Gendo no Seikatsu

Saito Soma’s first serialization, published in VOICE Newtype. The title means “Saito Soma’s Minimum Standards of Wholesome and Cultured Living” and comes from Article 25 of the Constitution of Japan.

The first 12 essays were published in a book with the same title, along with select essays from “Tsurezure naru mama ni” (see below) and a few newly written ones.

  1. I’m Sensitive to Pain
  2. In Search of Lost Sleep
  3. The Day I Wore Rainboots
  4. S is for Subculture
  5. Give it a Name
  6. Animals
    (rest to come)

Crystalline World (Book-exclusive)

(Ongoing) Saito Soma no Tsurezure naru mama ni

An online serialization on KIKI-VOICE (by VOICE Newtype) with irregular updates. The title means “Saito Soma has nothing to do.” Ten of these were also published in the book edition of “Kenkou de Bunkateki na Saitei Gendo no Seikatsu.”

The book version is slightly different from the original in some places, usually edited for clarity. I went with the book version for these translations.

  1. Feeling Sophisticated
  2. Hopi Synchronicity
  3. The Perfect Watch
  4. Pocari
  5. Sanma
  6. Penmanship with Flair
  7. The Left Ear’s Significance
  8. Andromeda
  9. Mount Fuji
  10. Sake Cup
  11. Brunch
  12. Fishing Story
  13. Cherishing Plants
  14. Yet Unnamed
  15. Milk Boy, Milk Girl
  16. A Bright Room
  17. Unprompted Review #1: Skip and Loafer

Extra: Night is Over

(Complete) Hon ni Matsuwaru Etcetera

Saito Soma’s serialization in Seiyuu MEN where he gives book recommendations revolving around different themes. The title means “etcetera relating to books.” The six issues were published in a photobook with the same title, along with a bonus theme, Q&A, and an excerpt from his Seiyuu MEN vol.3 interview.

  1. The Door into Summer [Seiyuu MEN vol.7]
  2. MANGA that inspires my life [Seiyuu MEN vol.8]
  3. a Book in a Book [Seiyuu MEN vol.9]
  4. Be attracted to ART [Seiyuu MEN vol.10]
  5. Science to enjoy with Books [Seiyuu MEN vol.11]
  6. read Nippon Literature [Seiyuu MEN vol.12]

Extra: Discovery of Love [Book]
Extra: 100 Questions Relating to Books [Book]
Extra: Hon ni Matsuwaru Etcetera RETURN [Seiyuu MEN vol.18]

(Complete) Saito Soma no “Tsukurikata.”

Saito Soma’s serialization in Monthly TV Guide where he has discussions with professionals from the anime industry.

  1. Voice Actor Training School #1 ft. Nakao Ryusei [Monthly TV Guide 2021/3]
  2. Voice Actor Training School #2 ft. Nakao Ryusei [Monthly TV Guide 2021/4]
  3. Anime Production Teams #1 ft. Amemiya Akira [Monthly TV Guide 2021/5]
  4. Anime Production Teams #2 ft. Amemiya Akira [Monthly TV Guide 2021/6]

Guest Features

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