[Event] Uchitama?! Episode 1 Advance Screening & Cast Talk

Date: 2020/1/5
Guests: Saito Soma, Ono Kensho, Uchida Yuma (secret guest)
Event Reports: https://dengekionline.com/articles/22651/ https://natalie.mu/comic/news/362063

The event started with the advance screening of Episode 1.

After the screening was the talk show with Soma, Kensho, and secret guest Yuma. They praised the show, and had been excited about how cute the characters were while they were watching from backstage. Soma talked about how amazing it was that the characters retained their animal traits even in human form.

The cast all agreed that Episode 2 is crazy. According to Yuma, it’s “literally” crazy, so that’s something to look forward to. And apparently, Episode 3 will show off Pochi’s adorableness. They also told some sweet behind-the-scenes stories, such as how the cast was proactive with ad libbing.

At the end of the event, they announced the Blu-ray/DVD sales and a special “3rd Street Flower Festival” event that will be held on May 10th.

According to Kensho, Uchitama’s true nature is still hiding during Episode 1, and it has yet to unlock its full potential. Please watch the anime when it airs!