[Stream] Uchitama?! 3rd Street Correspondence: March Edition

Broadcast: 2020/3/18 @ 9:30pm JST
Original URL: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv324424552 (no longer available)
Original Name: うちタマ?! 3丁目通信 3月号
Guests: Saito Soma, Hatano Wataru (MC), Terasaki Yuka

Choice Quotes

(Talking about how Nora got his name)
Hatano: I have a cat too, and the name is very important; it’s like the first gift you give them. My cat’s name is Mugi
Tera-chan: It has to be 2 syllables, right? (referencing an episode where the characters talk about how pet names have to be 2 syllables)
Soma: Don’t say it “has to”… There’s no Tama restriction here lol (the way he phrased it could also be interpreted as ‘ball bondage’)
Soma: Wait, that phrasing was kinda… lol
*everyone dying*
Hatano: What’s wrong, master of Tama restrictions?!
Soma: This isn’t that kind of show!

(Talking about Episode 9 (Aibo))
Tera-chan: I wasn’t in this episode!
Hatano/Soma: Oh!
Tera-chan: What about the other owners? Maybe Kuramochi-kun’s mom?
*Everyone thinking*
Soma: *towards staff* Hey… can you guys not look away? We’re asking YOU GUYS you know

(Still talking about Aibo)
Soma: The modern Aibo is amazing; it’s practically alive
Hatano: They brought a real one to the studio!
Tera-chan: Wow!
Soma: We were all playing with it like “Wheeee!” *beckoning motion*
Hatano: Everyone turned into kids lol
Soma: Yuma-kun was having a lot of fun, *Yuma voice* “You’re so cute”
Tera-chan: I can imagine it *laughs*

(Talking about Episode 10)
Tera-chan: Tama and Tora had that shiritori scene, right? If they followed the script, it’d fit into the scene length, but for some reason they wouldn’t follow the script??
Soma: Wait wait wait
Soma: *points at camera* SHIRAI!
Soma: It’s Shirai’s fault!
Hatano: He forced it on you?
Soma: Yes! It’s always his fault! ALWAYS!
Tera-chan: You started playing shiritori for real
Hatano: I was amazed that you were ad libbing shiritori
Tera-chan: But in the end it was too long for the scene LOL, and both the test run and the real take failed and had to be redone
Soma: Yeah, they were like “Look, just follow the script ok” and we apologized

(Talking about Episode 11)
Hatano: Tomorrow is finally the last episode
Soma: The last episode? Uchitama is… ending? It is?
Tera-chan: I’m sure it isn’t over
Soma: It could continue on forever
Soma: You know, I got proof the other day from the producer, he said “It’s called the last episode, but it’s not really the last episode” because you could watch any episode and it could be the last episode
Soma: Which means… it could go on forever, right? *looks at staff* Right?
Soma: *reads staff’s sign* LOL they wrote “we’re counting on you”, well, we want it to continue too
Tera-chan: Maybe if the DVDs sell like hotcakes *laughs*
Hatano: Soma-san can we get a word from you

“We’re counting on you” *money sign*

Tera-chan: So pragmatic LOL

(Still talking about the last episode)
Soma: I can’t say much about it, but when I read the script, I thought “DAMMIT! This is too reckless!”

3rd Street’s Ultimate Questions (They answer 2-choice questions and see if their answers match)

Q: Someone you meet for the first time keeps getting your name slightly wrong. What do you do?
A1 (Tama): Subtly correct them
A2 (Gon): Leave it be

Soma: The person who wrote this question probably has experience with that…

Gon / Tama / Gon

Hatano: I don’t have the courage to correct them…
Tera-chan: Same…
Hatano: One time someone misread my first name as “Sho” and I just became Sho-san for the whole day…
Hatano: Also, when I was younger, I guess I resembled this celebrity named Koizumi Kotaro, and one time when we were doing an outdoor shoot, an elderly couple thought I was him and came to root for me, and I didn’t want to crush their dreams so I thanked them for their support…

Soma: I’d prefer to correct them early on; it feels like there’d be less ill will between both of us that way. I’m bad at remembering names, so if I make a mistake I’d want to know early on so I can fix it.

Q: If you go out to eat with a group, and one of the shared platters has one French fry left, what do you do?
A1 (Tama): Don’t think, just eat
A2 (Gon): Watch and wait, assuming someone else will eat it

Gon / Gon / Tama

Hatano: So you’ll eat it without thinking anything?
Tera-chan: Ok it’s not that I don’t think; I do have a reason for it! Isn’t it annoying when the plate stays there the whole time with only one thing on it?
Hatano: Oh I see, so the person who eats it has that sense of justice…
Soma/Tera-chan: *burst out laughing* Justice???

Hatano: When I think about “what if someone really wants this”, I can’t take it because I’m afraid they’ll be sad if they can’t have it…
Tera-chan: I see, well you can just order it again
Hatano: Ohhhhhhhhhh

Soma: Well, I have the same opinion as Hatano-san, but also, I think there are a lot of people who’ll refrain from taking the last one, and I don’t want to be the person who eats it
Hatano: What?
Soma: Everyone is being considerate and waiting for someone to take it, so if I ate it that would make me the impudent one… So, I think Hatano-san picked Gon out of kindness, but in my case I’m just being pretentious
Hatano/Tera-chan: LOL
Soma: I just want to look good 🙂

Premium Corner: More Ultimate Questions

Q: When picking up a new hobby, which would you do?
A1 (Tama): Start with the superficial by buying high-quality equipment
A2 (Gon): Start with moderate-quality equipment, because you might not stick with it for long

Soma: This is seriously an ultimate question… the stream might end while I’m still thinking

Tama / Gon / Tama

Hatano: Yeah, I tend to start big… although sometimes I do get bored and quit
Tera-chan: I know! And then it’s like, what do I do with this stuff now…
Hatano: When you have good equipment, it motivates you more, so I end up just buying it… but Soma’s more grounded, huh?
Soma: Oh, no, I just get bored really fast, and I know myself well enough to say “Hold on Soma, you’re just going to get bored of it anyway”
Soma: But after the initial hype cools down, if I feel the passion again then I know it’s real, and I’ll switch to Tama

Q: What do you do if there’s somewhere you want to go for the first time?
A1 (Tama): Invite someone and go
A2 (Gon): Go by yourself first, then invite someone along the next time you go

Soma: What if I don’t invite anyone ever?
Hatano: That’s not an option
Soma: Can’t the options be Tama, Gon, Soma?
Hatano: No, the assumption is that you’re bringing someone

Tera-chan: This is a hard one!
Hatano: Yeah, it really is
Soma: This is an instant decision for me.
Hatano/Tera-chan: Really?! Wow…
Tera-chan: It depends on the place…
Hatano: Yeah…
*Soma just nodding by himself*

Gon / Gon / Gon

Soma: So everyone would go by themselves first, then
Tera-chan: Yeah, like when I went to New York by myself. It was fun so I want to bring someone with me next time
Hatano: You went to New York by yourself?!
Soma: I was thinking of like, an izakaya or something, so that goes way above what I was expecting

Soma: Whenever Hatano-san takes us somewhere, they’re always really nice places, like he never chooses a dud. Us kouhais are really thankful for that, but maybe he was scouting them out in advance… (He was)

Hatano: Are you like that too, Soma?
Soma: Uh, I just… don’t want to go with anyone lol
Soma: I chose by process of elimination…
Hatano: So you’re still in the Soma camp
Soma: Yeah, it’s actually like this:

Soma: But on the other hand, I’m happy if someone else invites me
Tera-chan: Oh, so being invited is ok?
Soma: Yeah I’ll go “WOOF!” right away
Tera-chan: Oh, so you become a dog when you’re led on
Soma: LOL those are powerful words, it’s like I don’t know what it means but I still get it

Tera-chan: There’s a really fun story about dogs and cats. They say that when humans take care of their pets, by feeding them and changing their litter and stuff, dogs will think “Why are they so good to me? They must be God” but cats will think “They’re doing so much for me; maybe I’m a god” (spoken femininely)
Tera-chan: It makes sense, right?
Hatano: Yep, anyone who lives with a cat will agree
Soma: *nods* I’m a god
Hatano: Hahaha Soma thinks he’s a god
Soma: *repeating the feminine phrasing* Maybe I’m a god– *breaks down laughing before he finishes the sentence*
Soma: …Save me
*laughter continues as they close off the stream*

Bonus: Post-stream photos from Hatano and Tera-chan’s Twitters

Bonus #2:


A blog post from Soma’s stylist, Honda Yuuki, about the outfits worn by Soma and Hatano for this stream. (I won’t be translating it, because he doesn’t allow reposting/alterations of his content)