[Event] Uchitama?! Episode 1 Advance Screening & Cast Talk

Date: 2020/1/5
Guests: Saito Soma, Ono Kensho, Uchida Yuma (secret guest)
Event Reports: https://dengekionline.com/articles/22651/ https://natalie.mu/comic/news/362063

The event started with the advance screening of Episode 1.

After the screening was the talk show with Soma, Kensho, and secret guest Yuma. They praised the show, and had been excited about how cute the characters were while they were watching from backstage. Soma talked about how amazing it was that the characters retained their animal traits even in human form.

The cast all agreed that Episode 2 is crazy. According to Yuma, it’s “literally” crazy, so that’s something to look forward to. And apparently, Episode 3 will show off Pochi’s adorableness. They also told some sweet behind-the-scenes stories, such as how the cast was proactive with ad libbing.

At the end of the event, they announced the Blu-ray/DVD sales and a special “3rd Street Flower Festival” event that will be held on May 10th.

According to Kensho, Uchitama’s true nature is still hiding during Episode 1, and it has yet to unlock its full potential. Please watch the anime when it airs!

[Event] Kimi dake ni Motetainda. Screening Address

Date: 2019/10/26 @ 3:50pm (address at 5pm) and 6pm (address at 7:10pm)
Guests: Saito Soma, Uchiyama Koki, Tomizono Rikiya, Umehara Yuuichirou
Event Reports Sourced: https://natalie.mu/comic/news/353043 https://mantan-web.jp/article/20191026dog00m200044000c.html https://mantan-web.jp/article/20191026dog00m200045000c.html https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1572247563

Regarding the story:

Soma: “The story seems simple, but it goes through various phases.”

Ucchi: “It was like a rollercoaster.”

Rikiya: “I was moved by how Koutarou gained confidence in himself.”

This was Rikiya’s first time doing voice recording, and Tsugutsugu was giving him advice. Rikiya said it was “like a dream.”

Regarding their characters:

Ume-chan: “He looks mature, but as the story progresses you see that that’s not entirely the case, and I like how your impression of him changes because of that gap.”

Soma: “I like books too, and the way he fantasizes about meeting a heroine in a story felt nostalgic, because I was like that in high school too.”

Ucchi: “He was very energetic *laughs*.” Ucchi’s character is the opposite of him, and during the recording, he was told to “Keep it at 100 the whole time.”

Regarding the film’s theme of “popularity”:

Rikiya: “I think people who give it their all are the coolest.”

Soma: “Surprisingly, I thought the same thing!”

Ume-chan: “These days, I guess it comes down to money *laughs*. So when I look at this film, I reflect on what popularity used to mean in the past.”

Soma: “That’s so sad!”

Regarding who has the biggest gap:

Soma: “Absolutely Ucchi-san. He has this cool image and the characters he voices are cool, but I feel really happy when we’re chatting during breaks and he laughs. It’s so cute!”

Regarding the theme song:

Ume-chan said it was a good song that gets stuck in your head, and even now he still finds himself humming the melody. Rikiya said that when he first saw the PV that used the song, he got goosebumps.


Soma: “It seems like a traditional adolescence film, but when you watch it, you see that the story isn’t so straight forward. That said, it’s also a pure depiction of its central themes of falling in love and mustering the courage to move ahead. I hope you enjoyed it.”


[Event] Uchitama?! Kyomaf Special Stage

Date: 2019/9/21 @ 2:20pm
Event: Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair
Guests: Saito Soma, Shirai Yusuke, Hatano Wataru (MC)

Choice Quotes

(Guests are sitting down after introductions)
Soma: *sits down and starts fumbling with the adjustable chair*
Shiraimu: *turns around just in time to see Soma lower his chair about 10cm* Huh? Don’t you think that’s too low?
Hatano/Shiraimu: What’s going on?
Soma: *silently adjusts the chair back up while still holding the mic to his mouth*
Hatano: Can you stop holding the mic up if you’re not going to say anything? It’ll make us worry lol
Soma: Hahaha
Shiraimu: Stop it with the silent jokes
Hatano: Okay so anyway, today we’ll be– wait, are you going to keep it like that?
Soma: Should I make it higher?
Hatano: It’s ok either way
Soma: I’m scared of heights so…
Shiraimu: You were singing on a tall stage just the other day!

(Talking about how they knew the original Tama & Friends series)
Shiraimu: Oh, I’ve been Friends with it ever since I was little
Soma: *to Hatano* …Can we switch seats?

This event was also covered by the VTuber Rinkulo, including a video message from Soma himself.

Bonus: Alternate versions of the top image

[Event] Infinite Dendrogram ~Welcome to Our Talk Event! We Await Your Arrival!~

Date: 2019/6/2 @ 12pm
Event: Hobby Japan Half-Century Festival
Guests: Saito Soma, Ono Yuko, Takada Yuuki, Ogura Yui, Izawa Shiori (MC)
Event Report: https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1560161705

Soma described Ray as “a great character with both passion and cleverness, who shows various different expressions.” “It’s been a while since I last got to play such an upright character.” “Through Ray, I felt the infinite possibilities within me.”

The guests were also asked what they had in common with their characters, but Soma’s answer wasn’t included in the press release.

New cast members were announced.

The guests came up with merchandise ideas. Soma’s was a Cheshire dakimakura: “I’m always talking about how cute Cheshire is, but everyone always thinks of Ray’s bear brother as a mascot first. I want Cheshire to be a mascot too. Although it’d be scary if he looked like my drawing *laughs*. By the way, it’d be voiced and cost 15,000 yen!”

[Event] Infinite Dendrogram in Machi Asobi

Date: 2019/5/5 @ 2pm
Event: Machi★Asobi vol.22
Guests: Saito Soma, Ono Yuko, Yamanaka Takahiro (Producer), Naya Ryosuke (MC)
Event Report: https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1557797123

When asked if they ate anything delicious in Tokushima yet, Soma answered sea bream, sudachi, and wakame. He highly recommends Tokushima’s wakame!

After introducing the characters, the guests were asked what kind of embryo they would have. Soma said beer (healing-type). They were also asked what job they thought would suit each other. Soma said Illusionist for Ono Yuko, and Ono Yuko gave a strange answer of “sudachi sake” for Soma.

After that they started talking about what foods everyone resembled, and Ono Yuko said Naya-san (the MC) was “salt.” Soma followed up with “It makes everything taste better!”

When talking about what kind of job they’d want to try, the MC said “I want to be Saito Soma!” to which Soma responded, “I’ll be Saito Soma too! Does that mean… I’ll make twice the salary?!”

[Event] AnimeJapan: Infinite Dendrogram Special Stage ~Shucchou-ban!~

Date: 2019/3/24
Event: AnimeJapan 2019
Guests: Saito Soma, Ono Yuko, Hino Satoshi, Takada Yuuki, Ogura Yui
Event Report: (not available)

This was a follow-up to the main stage event.

The guests were asked questions such as “What would your embryo be?” Soma’s answer was as above. “It looks like a creature, but it’s a book! A combat-type embryo like a grimoire. You might consider it a type of monster.”

Some time afterwards, a cast comment video was posted to YouTube:

[Event] AnimeJapan: Infinite Dendrogram Special Stage

Date: 2019/3/24 @ 11:30am
Event: AnimeJapan 2019
Guests: Saito Soma, Ono Yuko, Hino Satoshi, Koichi Makoto, Takada Yuuki, Murase Ayumu, Ogura Yui, Hikasa Yoko
Event Report: https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1553481760

Since this was shortly following the anime’s announcement, it began with the typical explanation of the original work, the story, and the characters.

The PV was unveiled for the first time, and the cast all crouched down so that the audience could see it clearly.

After that, they all talked about which Infinite Dendrogram job they’d want to have. Soma picked Swindler. It’s a non-combat job, but he admires the ability to affect the world with words alone.

[Event] Hand Shakers Special Event ~It’s an Emergency! Everyone’s Become Hand Shakers!~

Date: 2017/7/9 @ 2:30pm, 6pm
Guests: Saito Soma, Morohoshi Sumire, Kayano Ai, Ishikawa Kaito, Kakuma Ai, OxT
Event Report: https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1502084677

Saito-san came on stage first, greeting the audience energetically. Following him was Morohoshi-san, Kayano-san, Ishikawa-san, and Kakuma-san. For everyone besides Saito-san, it was their first time at a Hand Shakers event.

After they each introduced their characters, the Tazuna & Koyori’s Room corner began, where the five of them discuss the given theme.

The first talk theme was “your co-actors’ habits.” It was revealed that Kayano-san’s schedule conflicted with the recordings, so her lines were often recorded separately. She commented that today was the first time she was able to greet Morohoshi-san. Ishikawa-san said “You might find out each others’ habits by the end of today’s event!”

When Ishikawa-san was asked what his habit was, he gave a straight answer of “Whenever something happens, I go to Saito Soma for help.” Saito-san retorted with an embarrassed “Don’t ask me!”

The next theme was “things you find yourself doing.” Saito-san answered “going for walks,” and Ishikawa-san retorted with “Ew, that’s so plain…!” Apparently, Saito-san has a rule where he refuses to look at the GPS when he’s taking a walk. “The other day, I walked for around three hours, and my legs were so sore I thought I was going to die. I took a taxi home.”

Kayano-san asked “What do you think about when you’re walking?” and Saito-san’s answer was “Nothing.” Kayano-san spoke for the audience when she said “I shouldn’t have asked…”

Ishikawa-san remarked, “Something I find myself doing… would have to be acting,” and was met with voices of understanding. The corner ended on a clean note.

The next corner was Koyori-chan’s Guardian Certification Exam. This one involved finding out which of the cast members understood Koyori-chan the most. For the given topic, the cast would predict what answer Morohoshi-san would give, and the winner would receive a certificate of recognition as Koyori-chan’s guardian.

The topic was “What should Koyori learn next after cooking?” After the thinking time, Ishikawa-san’s answer was “singing,” because it’s the next step in expressing one’s feelings.

Next was Kayano-san’s answer, “indoor tanning.” Her reason was “Koyori-chan’s skin is too pale, so she looks a bit unhealthy. I think it’d be better if she had a summer tan.”

Saito-san’s answer was “Brazilian (Portuguese).” It was so unexpected that Morohoshi-san burst out laughing.

The answer to the question was Kayano-san’s “indoor tanning.” Even though they’d met for the first time today, Morohoshi-san and Kayano-san were in sync. Morohoshi-san was surprised that Kayano-san thought the same thing as her, and gave her a firm handshake, fitting for the series.

Naturally, Kayano-san was named Koyori-chan’s guardian and received the certificate.

Next was a game corner emceed by Kakuma-san: Hand Shaker Battle! In Wako. Kakuma-san got the audience hyped up by saying “Please forget the peaceful time we’ve had so far! It’s time to battle!”

In this corner, the cast was split into two teams and faced each other in three challenges. The teams were:

Tazuna Team: Saito Soma, Ishikawa Kaito
Koyori Team: Morohoshi Sumire, Kayano Ai

After the teams were announced, Kakuma-san asked “What do you think about when you hear Hand Shakers?” and Ishikawa-san answered “Handshakes…?”, to which Kakuma-san gave an enthusiastic “Yes!”

During the game, the team members would have their hands joined together with an elastic…! Saito-san and Ishikawa-san protested, but Kakuma-san forced them to obey.

The first challenge was Hand Sensor! The cast members would place their hands on top of a box and “sense” what was inside. They were given a time limit where they could ask the audience questions, and guess based on the reactions. They weren’t allowed to discuss among themselves and had to give their answers at the same time. The team would get 50 points for one person correct and 100 for both correct.

First up was the Tazuna team. The audience cheered as they tied their hands together. The subject they were given was “screwdriver.”

The pair asked various questions like “Is it food? Is it a machine? Is it round?” and the audience would clap for “yes” or shake their heads for “no.” Ishikawa-san asked “Do you have any intention of helping me win…?” and there was a roar of applause.

The final question was “Do you use it to fix machines?” Everyone was confident that they’d get it right, but Saito-san’s answer was “spanner” and Ishikawa-san’s answer was “wrench.” They came close, but sadly not close enough.

Next, the Koyori team’s subject was “parfait.” They narrowed down the questions faster than the Tazuna team, with questions like “Is it food? Is it sweet? Is it something I’d like?” After the question time, Morohoshi-san answered “parfait” and Kayano-san answered “ice cream.” They didn’t both get it right, but they secured 50 points.

The next battle was Jumbo Runner. Each person would wear a jumbo hand glove and carry a giant takoyaki ball from one end of the stage to the other. The teams would go at the same time, and whichever got there first would gain 100 points.

The Tazuna team was eager to make up for their previous loss, but were given a handicap requiring them to tie their feet together too. Saito-san reluctantly went to do it, but had a hard time managing it. Ishikawa-san retorted “Why are you so clumsy?!” without hesitation. The audience cheered again at this rare sight of the two.

When the race began, the Tazuna team got the head start. Just when you thought they’d reach the goal first, they had a fall! During this predictable state of affairs, the Koyori team won yet again.

The final match was Step Shaker. Each team was given three shakers with pedometers attached. They were given one minute to shake them all at the same time, and the resulting numbers would convert directly into points.

The Tazuna team made an intense display of their shaking, and for some reason you could hear their feet stomping. They used their entire bodies to shake the pedometers, while the Koyori team simply shook the pedometers smartly. Their strategy worked and they won, making them three for three.

After the battle, Saito-san and Ishikawa-san were drenched with sweat. Ishikawa-san seemed frustrated, saying “We’re sweating this much from all the effort we put in, and look where we ended up. Why did we shake the pedometers like that…”

Kayano-san was happy, saying “That was fun! It doesn’t feel like this is my first time meeting Morohoshi-san. The guardian certification must’ve been effective!”

After the game corner was the Hand Shakers Original Recitation Drama. It was a completely original story taking place after the events of the TV series. Ishikawa-san lamented having to do a recitation while out of breath, but performed perfectly when the drama began.

The story “Skygod Riverside” was about Tazuna and Koyori going to a summer festival. Koyori got lost in the crowd, a development resembling Episode 5 of the series. The two run into other characters as they look for each other.

The drama was a treat for fans, including things that weren’t in the TV series like a conversation between Koyori and Mayumi. What was most memorable was a scene where Mayumi gropes Riri’s chest. Kakuma-san tugged her script up and down as she acted, and Kayano-san shrieked in time to the movements.

There was also a scene where Morohoshi-san and Kakuma-san said their lines in Makihara and Nagaoka’s tone of voices respectively, sending the audience into bouts of laughter.

Lastly, the cast members and the audience concluded the story together with an “Osaka clap” to fit the series’ setting. Ishikawa-san gave simple instructions, and it was a success.

For the live performance corner, OxT’s Oishi Masayoshi and Tom-H@ck came on stage. When the music began, the audience stood up and waved their penlights. A guitar battle broke out in the middle of the opening theme, driving the audience wild.

Finally, the voice actors came back on stage. A stage play adaptation of the series was announced too.

Ishikawa-san: “This series is about partners, so we can’t say it’s over when our partners aren’t here. For me it’d be Uesaka Sumire-san, but I want to have an event with everyone together. Please continue to support the series.”

Kayano-san: “I want to talk with all of the Hand Shakers next time. It’d also be fun to sing my character song duet with Masaru (CV: Murase Ayumu)!”

Saito-san: “I’m dying to come on stage as a team again! Thank you for today!”

[Event] Hand Shakers: Festival & Carnival

Date: 2017/3/19 @ 12pm, 3:30pm
Event: Osaka Nipponbashi Street Festa 2017
Guests: Kanazawa Hiromitsu (Director), Saito Soma, Uesaka Sumire, OxT, Komatsu Mikako (2nd session only)
Event Reports Sourced: https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1490605106 https://note.com/shuhei_sa/n/n65114bf568a9 https://note.com/shuhei_sa/n/n446e0d79acca

The event consisted of a cast talk, live performance of the OP theme, an advance screening of Episode 11, as well as a surprise screening of the Episode 13 OVA.

Messages were received from all guests, but only Soma’s will be translated here:

“Thank you for coming to today’s event! For the previous advance screening (November 2016), I arrived in Osaka the day before and got to eat kushikatsu, but this time I arrived on the day of. I think this was the earliest I’ve ever woken up in my life haha. This was my third time in Osaka, and two of those times were for Hand Shakers events, so thank you Hand Shakers!

A cour is long, but it goes by so fast. Three months ago I was thinking “It’s finally beginning~”, but all of the crazy developments happened, and in Episode 9, Koyori was finally able to speak. After watching over her growth for so long, I was all “SHE SPOKEEEEE!!!” with the excitement of a certain hamburger shop’s commercials *laughs*. So this is what it feels like to be a guardian *laughs*. I’m glad that Tazuna and Koyori are “meshing” more than ever before.

In today’s event, we screened Episode 11, which explained Makihara and Nagaoka’s past. The story is finally reaching its climax, and the final episode is upon us. Please look forward to what awaits Tazuna and Koyori at the end of the battle.

…I don’t want to call Episode 12 the final episode. The broadcast of Tazuna and Koyori’s story will be ending for now, but their lives will go on, and Episode 12 gives hope for their future. So, please don’t think of it as the final episode, and enjoy it as Episode 12.

I hope this series will continue on in various forms. That way, I’ll be able to use it as an excuse to come back to Osaka and eat horumon-yaki! *laughs*”

A Sumipe fan compiled a detailed event report, and I’ll list the Soma highlights here:

  • Soma apparently eats taiyaki from the tail side first.
  • During the audition, the voice actors were not shown character visuals. The director was surprised by Soma’s performance, because it was in perfect sync with Tazuna. The staff chose him unanimously. In the second session, Soma responded by saying “Osaka’s a great place, huh~?!” “Please keep praising me. I’m the type that grows from praise.”
  • Since it was an original work, they wanted everyone to create it together. The cast was also included in developing the characters.
  • When Soma watched Episode 1, Tazuna looked cuter than what he expected, but he certainly wasn’t weak.
  • In Episode 9 when Koyori finally speaks, Soma remarks that Morohoshi-san must’ve been happy to be able to use her vocal cords more. When he was talking to her at first, she said “Koyori doesn’t speak” and his reaction was “Huh?” According to the director, for the audition they used lines from after Koyori becomes able to speak. He apologizes for not telling the voice actors at the time that she wouldn’t be speaking at the start of the series.
  • Soma points out Koyori’s enthusiastic breaths when playing Precious Memories, and says that he was happy to be able to exchange words with her.
  • Tazuna’s “mesh” catchphrase was a result of the staff thinking it’d be nice if each character had their own keywords. “Mesh” was chosen for Tazuna because of the dual reference: his Nimrode being gears, and “hand holding” which corresponds to forming a new relationship and synchronizing feelings.
  • Soma: “There was a line about ‘meshing’ at the audition. They didn’t provide any supporting materials at all, so I didn’t know what it meant, but saying things we don’t understand in a cool way is an important skill for us voice actors.” (Audience laughs)
  • Regarding the scene in Episode 2 where Tazuna and Koyori go into the bath together, Soma said the director instructed him to make the monologue more passionate.
  • Soma imitates Hayate a few times during the talk, and says he couldn’t understand him (and apologizes to Kaito).
  • Many of the main cast were around the same age, but there were also respected veterans in the older range. Soma says “There was pressure. They wouldn’t show me what the character looked like, and my partner doesn’t even speak.” (Audience laughs)
  • Soma drinks from his water, and the audience laughs (the writer didn’t see what he did to prompt that, but I imagine it was some kind of funny motion). Sumipe doesn’t know what’s going on and asks “What’re you doing? Shoplifting?” causing the audience to burst out laughing. Soma: “In those few seconds?!”
  • Sumipe asks everyone to buy the blu-ray box, and Soma says “Please buy spare copies too.” Sumipe: “A businessman, I see… What do you use spare copies for?” Soma: “You know, one to appreciate, one to store…” Sumipe: “Do you use them for year-end gifts?” (Audience laughs) Soma: “The recipient will know how good it is *laughs*.”
  • Soma: “The scene where Tazuna and Hayate are talking about bicycles was on a separate script that was around 5 pages long. But on the broadcast version, you couldn’t hear it at all.”
  • Soma and Komatsu Mikako both did some background chatter as well.
  • When talking about the hotel collab, Soma introduces the room’s features and:
    • (Session 1)
      Soma: “This… is amazing. When you enter the room, it’s like, BAM! Sky Tree! BAM! Character art!”
    • (Session 2)
      Soma: “This… is amazing.”
      Oishi: “…How so?”
      Soma: “…Huh?”
      Oishi: “How is it amazing?
      Soma: “Well… when you enter the room…”
      Soma+Sumipe: “BAM! Sky Tree! BAM! Character art!”
      (Audience roars with laughter)
      Oishi: “If you enter the room and the Sky Tree goes BAM!, doesn’t that mean there was an accident?”

[Event] Hand Shakers: Sunshine City Prince Hotel Collaboration Opening

Date: 2017/1/17
Guest: Saito Soma
Event Reports Sourced: https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1484812288 https://mantan-web.jp/article/20170117dog00m200018000c.html

※This was a private event with Soma going over the concept room.

The concept room had 18 life-sized/chibi designs of the characters, items decorating the whole room, original goods, and an original drink. It also had an exclusive Tazuna welcome voice.

At the debut event, Soma was moved, saying “I’ve never been to such a luxurious room before! There’s so much work put into it, and you can see the Sky Tree from the window.” He also commented that the living room area represents the normal world, while the bedroom area represents Ziggurat.

As for the exclusive welcome voice, he said “It was my first time being welcomed by a character I voiced myself, so it feels strange *laughs*. But I recorded it with sincerity.” “You can see Tazuna-kun’s considerateness as well as his cute side. It’s embarrassing to say this myself, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

To commemorate the concept room, Soma autographed the fabric panel in the living room area. There are actually two other “secret” Soma autographs hidden elsewhere in the room.

According to Soma, one of these secret autographs is located somewhere that he associates with Osaka, albeit based on his shallow knowledge of the city. The other is written on the character that made his heart race the most during the show.

He also talked about the show itself and the recording sessions. He said “When I saw the visuals for Tazuna, I thought he was going to be a cute type, but he was more proactive, confident, and lively than I expected. In the shouting scenes, I prioritize conveying his feelings directly rather than trying to sound cool.” When asked about what he has in common with Tazuna, he said “I think boys can likely relate to how he gets absorbed in tinkering with machines, ignoring everything around him. I like reading, and there were times when I’d start reading a book, and before I knew it, it’d be closing time for the library or cafe. Or I’d go for a walk and start reading a book in the park during the day, and then the sun starts setting… I think we resemble each other that way.”

“In this show, there are other pairs besides Tazuna-kun and Koyori-chan who have various different abilities, and their battles and emotions will be depicted in Episode 2 and beyond. Please look forward to them.”