[Stream] Kabukichou Sherlock Cast Special: “Let’s Enjoy Kabukichou Sherlock Together”

Broadcast: 2019/12/29 @ 8pm
Original URL: https://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv323121514 (no longer available)
Original Name: キャスト特番「歌舞伎町シャーロックをみんなで楽しむ番組」
Guests: Konishi Katsuyuki, Yamashita Seiichiro, Saito Soma

※A lot of things discussed on this stream were also talked about in the translated interviews, so I’ll only include the new information here (because I’m lazy)


  • This stream was packed with dirty jokes; I don’t even know how long this post will be if I list all of them out
  • Konishi introduced himself as Dean Fujioka, the actor who plays Sherlock in the Sherlock TV drama series that aired at the same time as Kabukichou Sherlock

Konishi: I’ve been with Soma-kun on programs and interviews before, but not Yamashita-kun
Yamashita: Yeah, this is our first time
Saito: Whoa, your first time is live! *whistles* ((“live” and “raw” are the same word in JP))
Konishi: Kabukichou Sherlock doesn’t hold back! I’ve taken Yamashita-kun’s first time!
(They start referencing Kyougoku’s hotel scene from the show)

  • Konishi said they had to do the detective rakugo at the audition too. Normally auditions are done alone, but for Kabukichou Sherlock they had several voice actors for different roles in at the same time, playing off each other. So, the ones auditioning for Sherlock had to do the detective rakugo (something they’d obviously never done before) in front of everyone else, and he was miserable.
  • Soma was talking about facing challenges as an actor when suddenly the background changed to a screenshot of Kyougoku’s bed scene making him stop in his tracks and laugh. He said that that scene actually took around 5 takes, and they recorded several variations of “M-Maki-chan” and “Nooo”
  • A screenshot of the scene where Irene pushes her breasts against Sherlock’s face is shown, and Soma said there must be a pervert among the staff (Soma also likes Irene a lot)

Recap Quiz

Q1. What year and class was “Sherlock Holmes” in?
① 2-1  ② 2-2  ③ 2-3  ④ 3-B

4 / 1 / 4

Yamashita: Oh, so I’m the only one who answered seriously
Konishi/Saito: Wait wait wait, we were serious too
Konishi: Most of the stream comments said 4
Saito: I thought the Sherlock staff were being humorous with it, showing a joke answer but it’s actually the real answer
Yamashita: I had a feeling it was second year, but there were a bunch of choices, so I went with 2-1 because my birthday is on the 21st
Saito: Are you trying to be cute?

Correct answer: ③

Q2. What was the name of the bank that was robbed by the thief Cobra?
① Hozumi Bank  ② Zuihou Bank  ③ USJ Bank  ④ Yotsui Sumitomo Bank  ⑤ KABUKIN BANK

Saito: Is the right answer really in here?
Yamashita: It wouldn’t be a quiz otherwise

3 / 3 / 5
(The text on Konishi’s references comedians that did a skit about the UFJ bank)

Yamashita: I picked 3 because Cobra has a universal impression. Yotsui seemed kind of plain and KABUKIN seemed too obvious
Saito: I thought it’d be too risky to parody financial institutions, so I went with this even though it’d be in-your-face

Correct answer: ①

Saito: Isn’t this visual in general kind of bad??
Konishi: Isn’t this the DKB?!

Q3. What’s the latest version of the real wife “Airi”?
① ver.4.5  ② ver.6.9  ③ ver.7.2  ④ ver.8.1

(looking at the viewer poll results which are overwhelmingly ②)
Yamashita: #2, uh… *in English* sixty-nine has the most votes
Konishi: Dude no, it’s six-point-nine, do you not see the dot?

2 / 2 / 2

Yamashita: They’d all make sense though; 45 (shiko = onomatopoeia for masturbating), 72 ((o)nani = masturbation), anything works
Konishi: What’s the last one?
Yamashita: Is it yaoi (801)? Wait no
Saito: *dying of laughter*
Yamashita: Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that
Konishi: Oh it’s pai (breasts)
Yamashita: Yeah you’re right
Saito: *still dying*

Correct answer: ②

Saito: Yay!
Konishi: Everyone’s correct (seikou)
Saito: Having sex?? (seikou)
Konishi: Everyone is seikou

Q4. The “PACHINKO” sign near Pipecat’s entrance has one letter dimmed out. Which one is it?
① P  ② A  ③ C  ④ H  ⑤ I  ⑥ N  ⑦ K  ⑧ O  ⑨ ☆

2 / 1 / 2

Saito: Well, Konishi-san and I…
Konishi: We went the obvious way to make it CHINKO (dick)
Yamashita: Oh, I picked 1 to make it like “Ah, chinko”
Saito/Konishi: *dying of laughter*
Yamashita: *long justification about how from a copywriter’s point of view it’d fit together than P-CHINKO, because the ‘A’ provides a sense of realization*
Konishi: Oh, that’s the clean version then, “Ah, chinko” compared to our “CHINKO!”

Correct answer: ②

Q5. What locker number did Watson use at the bathhouse?
① 025  ② 045  ③ 069  ④ 072  ⑤ 081  ⑥ 111

Konishi: What’s #6?
Saito: Ii–
All three: Iiiiii! (Yesss!)
Konishi: What are we doing in a group of three men…
Yamashita: We couldn’t do this kind of thing at the recording, because there were a lot of women present

Konishi: It’s a shame that #5 wasn’t 801 (yaoi) instead

4 / 4 / 4

Konishi: Yep, #4 – onani (masturbation)

Correct answer: ⑤

All: Uwaaaaa
Yamashita: It’s oyai!
Konishi: What’s oyai?!
*staff inform them*
All: Oh it’s OPPAI! (breasts)
All: We even said it earlier!!
Yamashita: So Watson’s about oppai…

Q6. In the late-night shogi match, Irene goes “Incredible! So much!”, but how many pieces were there actually?
① 1  ② 2  ③ 3  ④ 4  ⑤ 5  ⑥ 6  ⑦ 7  ⑧ 8  ⑨ 9

Saito: I wasn’t looking at that in that scene…
Yamashita: I was only listening to Irene’s voice!
Saito: Yeah, I was focusing with my ears
Yamashita: That’s a scene where you close your eyes
Konishi: Who’s looking at the screen?!

9 / 8 / 6

Saito: I had no idea, I just picked 6 because I thought it was the most perverted number

“Like this, right?”

Yamashita: I see, I figured if you enlarged 8 and turned it on its side, it’d look like boobs
Saito: LOL
Konishi: Are you a genius?
Yamashita: There’s a fine line between genius and idiot, and I think I’m on the idiot side

Correct answer: ⑥

(End of quiz segment for now. They move on to announcements)

Premium Corner: S-Level Quiz

Q1. How much money did the Morstan sisters have saved up in Episode 5?

¥690000 / 724545¥ / ¥530000

(After Yamashita says his number which is equivalent to “fap fap fap”)
Saito: HOLD UP
Konishi: Oi!
Saito: I don’t know you anymore
Konishi: You can’t do that just because it’s the premium stream
Yamashita: Wait but yours…
Konishi: Mine is just 690k, that’s all
Saito: He just figured it’d be around there
Yamashita: But I also thought…

Konishi: Shouldn’t the ¥ go at the front?
Yamashita: Oh I see, it’d be yen . . .
*Everyone dying of laughter*
Konishi: You made it hard for Soma-kun to give his answer!
Yamashita: I’m so sorry
Konishi: Okay so why 530k?
Saito: Huh? Oh… I just thought it’d be around 500k

Correct answer: 570,121

Konishi: So Soma-kun got the closest?
Saito: Thank you Frieza-sama!!!

Q2. There are two shiny cards in the “Dokkiri-man Choco” series. One is the Rakugo Camel, and what’s the other?

Saito: Master “Something”
Konishi: Guardian Seraph
Yamashita: See-through Zeus or Perverted Zeus
Correct answer: Bakery Panda

(No one was even remotely close)

Q3. The legendary martial arts “Baritsu” used by Sherlock Holmes also appears as the name of a building. What type of building is it?

Saito: A proper masseuse
Konishi: Telecommunications
Yamashita: Soapland Baribari! Baritsu! ~Way of Love~

Saito: What’s with that subtitle?!
Konishi: Umm… I know this is the premium section, but there are things you’re not allowed to say… “Soapland” is out
Saito: This is as far as you can go *holds up his answer*
Konishi: Either that or censor it out

Saito: It’s too late!

Correct answer: Sushi Restaurant

Konishi: A restaurant…?
Saito: Oh, because “Bar”…?
*Staff hold up full name*
All: Sushi Restaurant Baritsu??
Saito: How’re we supposed to know that?!
Konishi: What’s the sign next to it? Deep…?
Yamashita: Deep Dene…?
Konishi: Deep Dean Fujioka??

Q4. What’s the name of the department store Kyougoku and Maki-chan went to on their first date?

Konishi: Make sure to cover up any bad words

Isetan / Pawn Shop Bentendo / Haankyu

Yamashita: I toned it down but (Soma) turned it up…
Konishi: Young people would go to Isetan right?

Correct answer: Asatan

Konishi: I got pretty close right?
*Staff give him the point*
Saito: What about Haankyu?
*Silence from staff*

Q5. The USB was hidden inside a can of peaches. Where were the peaches produced?

Okayama / Morocco / Kawakami (river upstream)

*Konishi and Yamashita quietly laughing at Kawakami*
Konishi: Stop making weird jokes; if you’re going to joke at least make it something like Morocco

Answer: Yamagata

Konishi: Yamagata?! They aren’t strawberries!
*All incorrect*
Konishi: Which Kawakami were you talking about by the way?
Saito: Uh….. I dunno, maybe Tamagawa River
Konishi: Unfortunately you’re wrong then

Q6. What’s a virgin?

Yamashita: Is this a philosophical question?
Saito: Um…
*Staff clarify that it’s the definition in the show*
Konishi: I already started writing SEX! *shows sketchbook*

Kyougoku / Rocket Beam / Drawing of Kyougoku with “Haankyu…” written below

Konishi: Haankyu…
Saito: My answer is Kyougoku though
Konishi: That’s Haankyu
Yamashita: If you leave it like that, it’s going to be Haankyu
Saito: *struggles to cross out the Haankyu because he’s laughing too hard*

Correct answer: “Someone who’s never shot a rocket beam from their body”

Final Score:
Saito – 4
Yamashita – 6
Konishi – 3

  • The prize was wrapped in green paper so it became see-through

Konishi: I learned a lot about Yamashita-kun today
Saito: It’s like everything changed in the past 1.5 hours
Konishi: It’s going to be a good year