@SomaStaff 2019/02/25 17:24

By the way, exactly one year ago today, Saku-san sent me his full arrangement of Reminiscence (he even sang temporary vocals for it!), and I sent everyone on the team my singing and guitar demo of Date’s full chorus! How emotional! This is the greatest team! -S

@Sinxix 2018/12/23 20:30

I have many fond memories of this song, being the first one I arranged for Soma-kun. It’s also a rare song featuring Kashikura-san (from “the HIATUS”) playing drums to a very city pop tune. I love the bridges in the songs Soma-kun writes.
Cheers♪ #SS1stAL

@SomaStaff 2018/12/23 20:30

Date. The first song I composed and wrote lyrics for. Looking at it now, the lyrics are really out there, huh? *laughs* The chord progression was actually pretty surprising too. The arranger, Saku-san said “Whoa, this (chord progression) is wild!” and laughed. It’s a cute and scary song! Lol -S #SS1stAL

@SomaStaff 2018/11/30 11:59

SACRA MUSIC’s “MiX” CD, featuring songs by SACRA MUSIC artists in a nonstop mix, releases on 1/23 and includes a Saito Soma song.

@SomaStaff 2018/07/01 19:42

Thank you for all of the entries for the “Date” CD campaign! The ones with the comment section filled out will be read by Saito Soma.

*Of course, the campaign will be a fair lottery system, so you can still win even if you didn’t write a comment.

@SomaStaff 2018/06/27 13:53

[Billboard] Saito Soma’s “Date” takes 1st place on the Anime chart http://www.billboard-japan.com/d_news/detail/64868/2

Thank you so much for all of your support! First place!!

@animelo_staff 2018/06/25 12:39

[Application deadline tomorrow 6/26!]
Saito Soma’s 3rd single “Date” is available on the mobile site “animelo mix”!
🎁Download bonus🎁
Chance to win a “Date” announcement poster!