Kabukichou Sherlock

  • 歌舞伎町シャーロック, Case File nº221: Kabukicho
  • Character voiced: Kyougoku Fuyuto, as well as minor extras





  • 2020/4/12: Special Event Cancelled due to COVID-19. They planned to have a live stream instead, but that was cancelled as well.


  • Blu-ray/DVD Box Vol.1
    • Drama CD
    • Episode 3 audio commentary
  • Blu-ray/DVD Box Vol.2
    • Interview in the booklet
    • Episode 9 audio commentary
  • Blu-ray/DVD Box Vol.3
    • Drama CD
  • Blu-ray/DVD Box Vol.4
    • Drama CD (probably)
  • Original drama CD for buying all of Vol.1-4 from Animate

Cast Comment

  • (Tell us what’s great about your character!)
    “Kyougoku is packed with traits, so it pays off to mess around. Actually, there’s infinite room to mess around. I personally love comedy, so I strive to leave a mark in every episode’s recording, through various means. He’s a bit… well, he’s very much ‘out there,’ but I’ll try my best to make him a lovable character, that included!”
  • (If you became a detective, what kind of request would you like to take on?)
    “I like mysteries, so I’d like to take on an orthodox case, like a locked-room murder. I’d also like to try solving an everyday mystery. Also, while it’s not a request, I really admire the idea of armchair detectives, so I’d like to try solving a mystery like that.”
  • (What do you want viewers to notice in Kabukichou Sherlock?)
    “The character construction and the story are extremely unconventional, and I have no way to explain it, so I can only ask you to watch the show *laughs*. But in terms of episodes, please watch up to Episode 3 first! As the episodes progress, more connections are made and it gets more and more interesting! Please enjoy this ridiculous, chaotic, jumbled up world!”


  • The director told Soma, “As long as you make him cool, the rest is up to you,” and Konishi Katsuyuki and Nakamura Yuichi agreed that Soma acted very freely. (From advance screening event)
  • When Konishi was asked how they spent their breaks during recording, he said they’d mess around with Soma by calling his character insufferable. (From Animate Times interview #2)
  • When asked what people should look out for past Episode 4, he simply answered “Soma” with a laugh. (From Animate Times interview #2)
  • When Toyama Nao and Higashiuchi Mariko were asked for their impressions of working together, Higashiuchi instead brought up how Soma was the moodmaker of the group, making the recording sessions livelier. Naobou responds with a giggle, saying that just hearing his name makes her laugh. (From Animate Times interview #5)
  • They bring up the Soma bullying too, namely Konishi and Nakamura’s loving yet sharp interjections like “You’re being really annoying, can you shut up,” “We’re in the middle of work here,” and “The rest of us are taking this seriously, you know” even though Soma was taking it seriously too. (From Animate Times interview #5)
  • Regarding what happens between Kyougoku and Maki, Higashiuchi surmises that even though it’s not a laughable matter at all, Soma voicing him makes it feel like it’s okay to laugh. Naobou adds that despite what was going on and his empathy for the character, he looked like he was having a lot of fun. She was also surprised when she read the other interviews and saw that Soma considered Kyougoku a “pure” person, when everyone else thought he was someone to be made fun of. She felt that it was his way of thinking and love for the role that gave Kyougoku more depth than just a comic relief, making him a lovable character. (From Animate Times interview #6)
  • Countdown Message:
“5 days until Kabukichou Sherlock!
There’s no mystery I can’t solve!”