Hand Shakers / W’z

  • ハンドシェイカー, W’z《ウィズ》
  • Character voiced: Takatsuki Tazuna




  • “Hand Shakers” Character Songs
    • Track 1: “CONNECT>>FUTURE” / Tazuna x Koyori (CV: Saito Soma & Morohoshi Sumire)
  • “Hand Shakers” Blu-ray Box Vol.1
    • Special Drama CD (Animate 30th Anniversary Special Edition only)*
  • “Hand Shakers” Blu-ray Box Vol.2
    • Picture Drama
    • Special Drama CD (Animate 30th Anniversary Special Edition only)*

*No cast list provided so not guaranteed to have Soma (but he’s the main character, so it’s likely)

Cast Comments

  • Hand Shakers
    • “Tazuna-kun is a kid who likes tinkering with machinery and is quick to get caught up in his own world. He’s steadfast, not weak or a pushover, despite his cute face! We might be similar in how we forget ourselves when we’re immersed in one thing.”
    • “When I’m voicing him, I pay attention to how he addresses situations calmly and fairly. He gets swept up into the action from the very beginning of the series, and he does what he can to analyze what’s in front of him and determine what to do. I think he’s a rather smart, quick-witted kid.”
    • “I thought Morohoshi Sumire-san did a wonderful job voicing Koyori, a very delicate and difficult character! Also, the fight scenes had a lot of impact. The unique camerawork and beautiful scenery contributed to making them amazing. It’s a new style of battle scene!”
    • “I’ve actually never really been to Osaka; even for events it was only a quick stop. So, I’d like to try going on a traditional Osaka sightseeing tour if there is one. I want to eat takoyaki. I also want to try one of the cheap bars. I’m sure there’s so many things to see in that city that a single day won’t be enough, so I want to visit many times!”
    • “Since this is an original work, I approach each and every episode with fresh feelings, just like Tazuna-kun. It’s a series with various things to enjoy, ranging from battle to moe to male friendship, so please watch it!”
  • W’z
    • “I was surprised that the cute little Tazuna from the previous work grew up into a reliable young man. I took care to balance his mature side with his fixation with playing with machinery. Please look forward to what he’ll be doing!”
    • “Please look forward to seeing what kind of drama unfolds with the many new characters. Also, please enjoy the gorgeous, high-quality visuals! Whether you’re new to the series or returning from before, I hope you’ll witness the Hand Shakers’ fierce battles with your own eyes!”


  • Soma was selected to voice Tazuna because all of the staff agreed that his portrayal of a natural, ordinary boy was wonderful, despite not being shown the character design at the audition. (via official tweet)
  • There was a biweekly radio hosted by Morikubo that had sound dramas played but I’m not sure if Soma was in them.