[Interview] Aoi Haru no Oto ga Kikoeru Vol.1 – Cast Interview

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Published: 2020/11/5

※Only Soma’s interview has been translated in this post.

Q: Please tell us what you thought about the concept and story.

I think it’s rare these days to release a 4-volume drama CD series—let alone for an original work. It also doesn’t stop at just a realistic high school youth story; there’s suspense too. I thought it was a really interesting initiative. The story’s still only just begun, but I personally love this style of content, so I’m eager to read the next part!

Q: Please tell us what you found difficult or enjoyable about voicing your character.

In Vol.1, it’s revealed that Iriya is shouldering quite a heavy burden. Despite that, he has great grades, he’s handsome, and he’s a good person who doesn’t act like someone he isn’t. I hope I was able to sense and convey that dual nature of his and his delicate fluctuations. In particular, during the series of heartrending scenes from the middle to the end, I was in sync with his feelings and ended up crying during the check. I truly felt how much of a savior Nao was to him.

Q: What did you think of the relationships between the Class 3-C group: Nao, Iriya, Ren, and Ibuki?

There’s Nao with his boundless optimism and Ibuki with his practical realism. Of course, since it’s a fictional story, the characters are exaggerated to a degree, but since groups like this really did exist, I felt like I could relate. However, for better or worse, these boys are modernistic, or rather, it feels like everyone has boundaries that they won’t cross (Nao aside). I’m looking forward to seeing how that affects things in the future.

Q: Which character left the biggest impression on you?

It’d have to be Iriya, who I voiced. I haven’t been through the same experience as him, and yet I still felt like I could relate to him. I’m really interested in finding out his story in Vol.2 and beyond.

Also, Nao. When I look at him from Iriya’s point of view, I can clearly see why Iriya spoils him so much. I’m also looking forward to seeing what inner struggles Ren, Ibuki, and Ayato will show us (although Ayato already had a painful scene).

Q: This is a question relating to this work’s abbreviated name and the group’s name, Aoharu aka adolescence. Looking back at your life, when was the most “aoharu” time for you?

That would be university. I’m still inexperienced, but back then, I was even more young and immature. Despite that, I thought I was as competent as anyone else. That was the most sparkling time for me. I still talk to my friends from back then, and I hope we’ll continue to be friends. But if I could go back in time, I’d want to enjoy it with all my strength. I should’ve done more with my youth. *laughs*

Q: Please give us a message for the fans.

The curtain has lifted on a familiar yet grand story of high school friends and their ordinary—with a splash of extraordinary—lives. The cast members are all close in age too, so I hope our atmosphere was transferred to them. I hope you’ll listen to Vol.1 and then continue to follow the series. Thank you for your support!