[Interview] Animate Times – Hypnosis Mic Anime Cast Interview Series Vol.8

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Published: 2020/9/22

Saito Soma (Yumeno Gentaro in Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima)

Their unbalance is a delicate balance

Q: Their story is finally beginning in animated form. What were your impressions after seeing the anime footage?

First of all, I was happy to see the characters moving around, since they’ve been audio-based until now.

I was also curious about how the rap battle scenes would be depicted, and they were really cool. I could feel all of the creators’ love for the series.

There were serious scenes with a sprinkling of comedy, so it was really fun to record.

Q: What did you rediscover about your character’s charms after seeing the anime?

I thought, “Gentaro really does have extremely aesthetic and seductive features.”

In the anime, his eccentricities are somewhat milder compared to the original drama CDs, so he felt more like Posse’s balancer. He also showed quite a few different expressions when reacting to things, which was unexpected and refreshing.

Also, what happens in the latter half…! I can’t say anything specific, but please watch it with your own eyes!

Q: What are Shibuya Division’s fortes, and what do you think your character’s role is?

Compared to the other divisions, Shibuya has more freedom and it seems like there’s something going on behind the scenes. Of course, all of the divisions and characters have mysterious elements that haven’t been revealed, but Shibuya’s bright and cheerful exterior is hiding each member’s own secrets.

However, their bonds have deepened quite a lot from the individualistic atmosphere they had when the team formed. Anyway, Shibuya feels like they do a lot of unique things.

Gentaro pretends to be the comedian of the group, but he actually guides their conversations well. I think their unbalance is a delicate balance.

Q: Various different characters appeared, such as the Chuo-ku members. Which characters or divisions are you interested in story-wise?

It feels like I can’t say anything without spoiling it, but one of Rio’s scenes was very striking to me. Some of the characters are always expressive, but even the cool and collected characters have cute momentary reactions, so please keep an eye out for those little details.

Q: How was the recording atmosphere? Do you have any interesting stories relating to the recording or conversations with the other cast members?

It became individual recordings partway through, but since we’re often together at concerts and other programs, the recording atmosphere was extremely friendly. The recordings themselves also went quite smoothly every time. It was fun to record the crowd noises together too.

Q: When you think of Hypmic, you think of the awesome raps. What were your impressions when you heard the OP and sung it?

Hypmic’s songs always feel like they’re opening new doors, and it was the same this time. The previous songs also had parts that could be called traditional choruses, but this OP felt like it had a stronger emphasis on melody than the past songs.

Also, I assume it was extremely difficult to fit everyone’s parts in because of length restrictions, but the result was an impressively fast-paced, cool song. There’ll also be lots of new songs in the anime, so please look forward to them!

Q: Please give us a message for the fans looking forward to the anime.

Hypmic’s anime is finally beginning! Whether you’ve been supporting us before or you’re just starting now, I think anyone will be able to enjoy it, so please give it a watch!

The Shibuya crew is having their usual carefree fun! Please look forward to their battles and dialogues! Thank you!

Q: Lastly, a message of support from yourself to the Fling Posse members!

Freedom, pop, ephemerality. I adore how you are.

Ramuda-chan, the two of us are with you.
Gentaro-san, I want to see you let loose more.
Dice-kun, it’s great how straightforward you are, but gamble in moderation, okay? *laughs*

May your days continue to be blessed with happiness! Posse’s the best!