[Blog Post] Palette / in bloom

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Published: 2020/9/19

It’s been quite a while since the last post, but how has everyone been doing? Today felt very much like autumn.
As for me, I’ve still been enjoying books and music alongside doing my work. I wish I could have a chance to talk leisurely somewhere about the things I found interesting.
Hoping that autumn will be long this year while craving meat and saury—Saito Soma here.


At last, the third and final song in the digital series “in bloom” has been released! Thank you!

Also, the issue with the purchase bonuses is currently being investigated! We’re very sorry for the trouble…!
I think updates will be provided on Twitter as they become available, so please wait a little longer…! Sorry!

Now then, I missed my chance to write a blog post back when the second song “Summerholic!” came out.
I’ve talked about it in various places, but “Samahori” is an uptempo rock tune about a luxurious life of not taking a single step out of the house during the peak of summer.
Some might think it feels like surf rock.
This was a straightforward song; a complete change from the first song “Petrichor” which was quite deceptive.
Personally, I think this is a punk song. I’ve always liked this chord progression.

Now, the third song “Palette” is a heavy, heartrending song for the end of summer to the beginning of autumn. Unlike “Samahori,” this one is squarely US emo.
This song is also straightforward in a sense, but it was written so that it could be interpreted in various ways depending on how you read into it. My personal interpretation is that the lyrics tell a clear story!

As an aside, when I was recording a certain part of the song, for some reason, my mic gain (volume) kept dropping at that one part, no matter how many retakes I did. This happens to me a lot.
Anyway, this song has incredible sound pressure. Please listen to it as loudly as you can.

Also, the MV was unveiled!
Thanks to the efforts of all of the wonderful cast and staff, including Okudaira Daiken-san, it became a truly amazing MV.
I’ve always said that my songs are about stories, not myself. I think that this time, I was able to express that really well in video form. The presentation of colors was magnificent, right?!

Once again, thank you to everyone who created the “in bloom” series with me, and everyone who listened to it!
I hope to bring you more music in various ways, so please continue to give me your support!


Well then, that’s all for today!
Take care!

Saito Soma