[Interview] CUT 2020/7 Edition – Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Cast Interview/Survey

Released: 2020/6/19

※Only Soma’s part will be translated here, as well as mentions from other sections.

Q: Out of all of the Hypnosis Mic songs, which song or lyric is the most memorable to you, and why?

It’s difficult to choose a song because they’re all so amazing… but as far as Shibuya goes, it’d have to be “Stella.” I remember when I first heard the demo, it was such a good song that I immediately messaged the other two *laughs*. It’s a world from a story written by Gentaro and a song that only Shibuya can sing—I can feel each character’s emotions and past tightly packed within it.

In terms of Gentaro, his “uun sou sa gomeitou” in “Hypnosis Mic -Division Battle Anthem-” was memorable. Most recently would be “Utena” – “kono kanjou ga tsutawatte shimattara ii no ni” (if only these feelings would get across). Up until then he’d been describing a vivid scene, and then he delivers that message in the final line. I think Gentaro’s mellowness is expressed very well there.

Q: What is your personal highlight of your involvement in Hypnosis Mic, and why?

It’d have to be when I first heard about the project. The combination of voice actors and rap content was something I was surprised didn’t exist earlier, and I remember being very excited to see what kind of chemical change it would bring about. I was nervous during my first concert, but Shirai-kun was so calm and composed that I was confident I’d be fine if I followed his lead. I had so much fun playing with him and Nozuyama-kun.

Q: When developing your rap in the image of your character, do you have any special technique or something that you pay extra attention to?

At the beginning, Gentaro had many songs where he used a poetry reading style; in other words, different from the style where you rap to the beat. So, I thought I’d bring out his uniqueness there. As more songs came, I got to challenge varying flows that weren’t limited to that style, which I’m thankful for. But still, he’s a phantom, so instead of matching the sound to the rhythm, I think it’s better to be more laidback and slow down on purpose, creating an atmosphere that bewitches the listener.

Q: If you were to spend one day with your character, what would you want to do?

I think it’d be tiring because he’s constantly telling lies *laughs* but I’d want to leisurely read books with him at a cafe while discussing literature. What authors he likes, the stories he’s written so far, etc. Also, since he enjoys people-watching, I think it’d also be nice to watch pedestrians and fantasize, playing around with worlds that we shouldn’t. I’d also like to ask him about the equipment he uses and his preferences when it comes to stationery.

Q: Summarize your team in one phrase.

Ephemerality, pop, they appear to be facing different directions, but they trust each other to guard their backs. That’s the image I get. It feels like their relations have changed quite a lot compared to the beginning. Just like the Shibuya scramble crossing, their lives are only intersecting for this moment, and they may never run into each other again. Nevertheless, they all strongly believe in the fact that they can be together right now.

Q: What’s your “Senshu Sensei!” (oath of fair play, reference to the opening line of Division Rap Battle) for your future involvement in Hypnosis Mic?

We’re getting closer to the heart of the story, and as a Hypmic fan myself, I’m excited to see where it goes. On top of that, as a member of Fling Posse, I want to treasure the time we spend together. Personally, I want to challenge even more styles of rap. Hypmic is getting even more exciting with new teams and new characters, so please continue to support us!


Shirai Yusuke:

(Regarding the cast after their characters’ relationships evolved during the drama track from Fling Posse -Before The 2nd D.R.B-)
“The three of us didn’t discuss how we were going to do it at the start. I’ve always been the type to act freely on stage, so I feel really at ease when I’m acting as Ramuda on stage—it doesn’t feel different from how I usually am. If anything, it feels like Ramuda would say whatever he wants, but even if I don’t say anything, the other two will poke fun at that and liven things up, which I think is in-character for Fling Posse. It was like that during 5th Live on AbemaTV too; Shibuya was really lively *laughs*. I’d mimic the other divisions during their turns, and the other two would play along with me. It definitely wasn’t visible on camera, but I think the three of us all enjoy that kind of atmosphere. I can depend on them, and they’ll accept all of my antics. Ramuda may be the leader, but it’s not like he pulls people along. It’s more like he acts freely the way he wants and people choose to follow him. So, I hope I can be like that too.”

(Regarding “Stella” at 5th Live)
“Since it was after the newest drama track, I think it became a different ‘Stella’ from the one we performed at 4th Live. It was packed with spontaneity and emotion… I felt like I was linked with Amemura Ramuda’s current mental state and put more passion into it. I think Soma-kun and Nozuyama-kun were the same way, but it’s not like we discussed it beforehand or anything. I think it came about naturally because of how we felt there on stage. The only thing we discussed in advance for 5th Live was the part after Dice’s solo song, where the three of us went ‘Yay!’ followed by ‘The camera’s still rolling!’ reaction *laughs*”