[Blog Post] Petrichor

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Published: 2020/6/26

A friend recommended me Yagi Nagaharu-san’s manga, and I absolutely loved them…!
It’s to the point where I’m lamenting, “Why didn’t I read these earlier?” Mugendai no Hibi and Wakusei no Kage Sasu Toki were both amazing. There was a bit of a resemblance to papanya-san’s works.
Music-wise, I’ve been listening to a lot of Mystery Jets, from their second release onward. I really do love this band. I’m producing serotonin. Saito Soma here.


Now then, tomorrow… or rather, in a few hours, the digital single “Petrichor” will go on sale!
I had to release this song during the rainy season no matter what. I actually wanted to release it on a CD, but due to various circumstances, I settled for a digital release. I think that means you’ll be able to listen to it on various media though, so please do!

Next, I’d like to do a simple, informal introduction to the song. It might be best to listen to it without any prior information, so if you want to go that route, please wait a little longer and read this after it’s been released!

It’s the rainy season, and amidst the gently falling rain, a lone figure walks with a sway on the wet stone pavement, perhaps taking a stroll or returning home. He’s in a dreamy, or perhaps enjoyable state of mind. The lyrics feel about the same as usual, but I chose words with stems that are like raindrops—they feel round and light. The MV ends at just the right time, but I personally love what happens next in the song as well. Please listen to it.

On the music side, the most important thing to point out is the sax riff. I remember that once I came up with it, I swiftly obtained a grasp of the entire song’s image. Aside from that, the bass and kick drum are fairly emphasized, making for a strong rhythm section like what you’d hear in hip hop. Also, if you listen closely, you can hear the messy noise guitar in the far background, which blends and blurs in with the rain sounds. I think there are various ways to listen to the song.

Personally, I don’t really like getting wet from the rain, but I very much enjoy listening closely to the sound of raindrops from inside my room and spacing out. I hope that this becomes a song that gives you a different outlook on rain. Please enjoy it tranquilly with the rain.

And from here on, it’s a surge of consecutive releases!
The next song is quite summery and has a pop sound, but there’s playfulness all throughout and I think it’s a direction I haven’t done much of before.
The third song… I don’t want to say anything yet *laughs*
I think it’ll be about the progression from the end of summer to autumn, so it’s naturally going to be emotional.
And beyond that… I want to write a lot of songs, so that I can bring you more interesting music!

I went on for a long time there, but please listen to my new song “Petrichor”!


That’s all for today!
See you!

Saito Soma