[Interview] Animage 2020/7 Edition – IDOLiSH7 Second Beat!

(No scans provided because it was character visuals only. Cute original art though)

Released: 2020/6/10

Saito Soma (Kujou Tenn in IDOLiSH7)

※There were also interviews with Ono Kensho and Hoshi Soichiro, but they won’t be included in this post.

Q: In the four episodes that have aired, what impression did you have of Tenn?

The mobile game’s story has already progressed quite far, and there, he seems to have opened up to Riku and the TRIGGER members. But in the anime’s second season, he’s still quite harsh. Rather than thinking he’s grown, I felt that he really does evolve from here on out. In the anime, he’s much stricter with Riku than I thought. Even in the episodes that’ve aired so far, you can see his professional attitude. In my mind, Tenn had already become completely soft on Riku, so at the studio, I discussed with everyone as we recorded the lines. That said, he’s not just strict—he cares about Riku. When you think about it that way, it’s really cute how he can’t even express his kindness well.

Q: What was your impression of IDOLiSH7’s Riku and Re:vale’s Momo?

Riku: Basically, he’s cute! Although I always say that *laughs*. At the start of Season 2, I felt that his earnest feelings towards singing were depicted even more strongly. It’s a similar feeling to his usual adorable smiling and his fixation with standing on stage. I also understand how he gets captivated by the people around him like Tenn. I feel it on a grand scale, like it excels at precisely calculating these emotions. When I see Riku depressed, I want to be there for him, and when he’s happy, I feel happy too. He has a charm that draws the viewers in without them knowing.

Momo: All of the Ainana characters have their own charms, but I personally like Nagi and Momo. I was really happy to see Momo animated in the anime. He was cool when he first appeared and acted dark, and his good-natured big brother aura afterwards was great too. Story-wise, I’m sure many people are already aware, but I’m cautiously looking forward to seeing how the next plot developments are depicted. Momo’s usually the cheerful mood-maker, but in reality, he’s a balancer that thinks deeply about the others. He’s a really kind person, and I think his love runs deep.

Q: Please give us a message for the readers.

Thank you for supporting IDOLiSH7! I have faith that we’ll overcome this situation ((referencing COVID-19)) and bring you the greatest story. Until then, I won’t let my passion for Ainana burn out—I intend on making it even stronger! Please continue to support IDOLiSH7. Ainana is the best!

Recommended Episode: There are so many that it’s hard to choose! But Vibrato’s “Boys Caught Up” was paced like I was watching a movie, and it was an episode I’d like to watch while relaxing on the sofa with an alcoholic drink. It has comedy as well as Nagi being cool, and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.