[Interview] Newtype 2020/6 Edition – Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare – Shimazaki Nobunaga & Saito Soma

Released: 2020/5/9

Shimazaki Nobunaga (Yamamoto Rio in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)
Saito Soma (Inui Kazuomi in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)

Suzuki Marika (Ichihara Yuna in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)

Q: What were your impressions after reading the original manga?

Soma: The original manga has many characters, but this film is focused on the story of the main four. It wraps up the 12-volume manga really well. I believe that it contains the original’s essence.

Nobunaga: There were many parts I could relate to, not just with my own character, but with all four of them. I think that anyone who reads it will definitely empathize with someone.

Soma: If we’re talking about that, I’m jealous that they get to go up on the roof. At the high school I went to, we couldn’t do that. Since I couldn’t go up there, I became a voice actor so that I could redo those years over and over again. *laughs*

Nobunaga: Yeah, series that depict high school life let you go up to the school roof.

Soma: Eating together on the way home after school, going to festivals… I didn’t have those experiences in my high school life, so I’m jealous. I end up trying to find meaning in each of those things, but for them, it’s part of their everyday life.

Nobunaga: They’re making the most of their youth, huh? It was fun how there was realism in those things. Thanks to that, I was able to voice Rio with real feelings.

Q: What are your impressions of Yamamoto Rio and Inui Kazuomi?

Nobunaga: Rio is relatively simple. He looks like a prince, and while he seems complex, he’s actually easy to understand. I think he’s a normal high school boy.

Soma: Rio-kun is cute. You expect him to be cooler, but that’s just because of his appearance. As you keep reading, he changes more and more.

Nobunaga: It’s because his very first lines have impact. *laughs*

Soma: Kazuomi’s character changed a bit between the manga and the film. But in both cases, he naturally says lines that make your heart beat faster. It’s only normal for girls to be interested in him.

Nobunaga: Kazuomi has an honest charm, and it’s because of his honesty that he gets lost in the maze of puberty. The path he takes was really interesting. Rio and Kazuomi were opposites—Rio opens up because of his honesty, while Kazuomi holes up because of it.

Soma: After reading the manga and taking the audition, I thought that Rio would be easier to voice. But when we did the recording for the film, I realized why I’d been cast as Kazuomi. I was just like him when I was his age!

Nobunaga: I think we were selected because we had a deep understanding of the characters’ natures, and that truly makes me happy.

Q: How was recording with Suzuki Marika-san?

Nobunaga: Suzuki-san voiced the pure Yuna-chan in a direct, honest way. Yuna-chan struck me as a character with inner strength, and Suzuki-san had that too.

Soma: I wasn’t there for all of her sessions, but whenever she was given a difficult request, she kept trying at it. I watched her improve and thought she was cool.

Q: If you were to fall in love with either Ichihara Yuna or Yamamoto Akari, which would it be?

Nobunaga: I’d pick Yuna-chan. Her honesty is dazzling. Everyone can speak proudly about their dreams when they’re a kid, but you lose the ability to do that when you become an adult. When you learn about society and yourself, you become more and more cowardly. But, there’s strength that comes from inexperience and naivete. I admire Yuna-chan’s innocence.

Soma: I think that Yuna-chan is lovely too. But, personally I like Akari-chan. Akari-chan thinks a lot about others, not just herself. She wants her family to get along, and she’ll hide her feelings because she doesn’t want to steal her friend’s crush. I’m sure she’s still just a normal high school girl, and I’m sure her positive traits will show up even more in the future.

Q: I’m excited to see where their love goes. Lastly, please tell us what your highlights of the film are.

Nobunaga: The transformation and growth of the four high schoolers are really interesting. The drama builds up firmly and the characters all go through changes during the 100 or so minutes of the film. When you watch it, it makes you really motivated too. I think it’s a wonderful film that makes its viewers more proactive.

Soma: The title Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare is truly amazing, and I think it summarizes everything. Just because one thing in your life goes well doesn’t mean that the next thing will. I believe that just like the title, our lives are a repeating loop of back-and-forths. Those who aren’t in high school yet, are in high school now, or were in high school before, will surely understand how precious that is when they watch this film, and I think these back-and-forths will move your heart. Please watch it and let the anxious, excited feelings take over.