[Interview] Margaret 2020 #12 Edition – Maga-Oshi Vol.20 – Saito Soma x Shimazaki Nobunaga

Released: 2020/5/20

Saito Soma (Inui Kazuomi in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)
Shimazaki Nobunaga (Yamamoto Rio in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)

Umehara Yuuichirou

Q: What are you into right now?

Nobunaga: I recently started using cologne. It’s Dior’s “Sauvage.”

Soma: So mature~

Nobunaga: I didn’t have a habit of using it before, but now that I’m in my 30s, I want to give myself a stylish fragrance.

Soma: *sniffs Nobunaga’s cologne of choice* It’s a refreshing scent. A citrus type? It’s like, refreshing with a hint of allure…

Nobunaga: That’s a good way of putting it. I often get asked what it smells like, but since I hadn’t been using it before, I didn’t know how to explain it. From now on, I’ll say “refreshing with a hint of allure.” *laughs*

Q: Do you regularly use cologne, or only on special days?

Soma: If it’s only for special days, then if I meet Nobunaga-san and he smells nice, I’ll wonder if he thinks meeting me is a special occasion. *laughs*

Nobunaga: It’ll make you conscious of it, huh? *laughs* I don’t necessarily wear it on important days, but when I feel like it. Instead of using it to motivate myself, I want to use it casually.

Soma: What I’m into right now is a recording device called SonicPort. *Shows them the real thing*

Nobunaga: What’s this?

Soma: You plug a guitar or mic into it, and it lets you record what you play. I compose my own music, and this is good enough for making demo tapes. When I start using it, time goes by in a flash…

Nobunaga: You play with it?

Soma: Yeah *laughs*. It feels like a toy, or rather, I can casually play around with sounds in various locations.

Nobunaga: Nice, that sounds convenient.

Soma: Are you interested?

Nobunaga: Yes. One time, I was told “We don’t have enough time, so record your audition tape at home,” and I recorded it with my phone and it came out terribly. *laughs*

Soma: Ahahahaha!

Nobunaga: It worked out in the end because I passed the audition, but ever since then, even if there’s no time, I’ll always record at the office.

Soma: Did your agency staff also think it was bad?

Nobunaga: They probably thought, “Don’t let Nobunaga record by himself” *laughs*. So it’d be nice to have something like this!

Q: What were your honest reactions when you found out you’d be starring together?

Nobunaga: At first, I didn’t ask which role I’d be playing. I assumed that Soma-kun would be Rio.

Soma: Same. I approved of Nobunaga-san as Kazuomi! *laughs*

Nobunaga: Both of us thought it was the other way around.

Soma: So, it was shocking at first.

Nobunaga: Soma-kun being cast as Kazuomi was especially unexpected.

Soma: Yeah, because I’ve never played a character like him before. When I read the original manga, I couldn’t get a grasp on Kazuomi’s character, but I thought that Nobunaga-san would be able to do it. For me, it was a challenging role.

Nobunaga: I’ve actually done characters like Rio before, but I thought my recent image was more like Kazuomi. But, I can empathize better with Rio, so it was easier to perform as him.

Soma: I could also relate to Kazuomi’s human-like awkwardness.

Q: Do you see common aspects with the characters in each other?

Nobunaga: Kazuomi mulls over things in his head and ends up not being able to take action, which I think is an aspect Soma-kun has as well. I’m also like that, but I’m more of an idiot.

Soma: That’s not true *laughs*.

Nobunaga: I think a lot, but in the end I go “Whatever!” and ignore everything. Meanwhile, I think Soma-kun wouldn’t let that happen. It’s like baseball–there are different types of pitches, but at the very end, I’ll play it straight, while Soma-kun will throw a proper curve ball. *laughs*

Soma: Yeah, your “Well, whatever” approach does fit Rio. *laughs*

Q: What’s the highlight of this film?

Soma: Since it’s based off of a shoujo manga, it has scenes that make your heart race. Like when Rio puts his hands on Yuna’s cheeks and goes “I’m over here,” or Rio’s gesturing when he goes “Shh!” *laughs*

Nobunaga: It’s exciting, right? *laughs*

Soma: I like the straightforwardness between Rio and Yuna-chan.

Nobunaga: It’s not just about the romantic scenes, though. I think the characters are very relatable, and it moves your heart.

Soma: I think one of the great things about the story is that things go surprisingly poorly for the characters. They take one step forward, but two steps back. It’s realistic, and I think many people will be able to relate.

Q: What would you do if you could be a high school student again?

Nobunaga: I’d want to go to a co-ed school *laughs*. Going to a boys’ school was fun, so I don’t want to change the past, but it’s true that there was no romance within the school.

Soma: It’s a completely different experience, right? For me, if I could go back to my high school days, I’d want to go up to the rooftop that I couldn’t go to back then. In fiction, there are a lot of situations where the guy skips class on the roof and meets a girl there who’s also skipping class, and they get closer, right? That kind of thing is impossible in real life *laughs*. But, I want to experience it.

Nobunaga: Ahahaha. You could also meet someone in an unused A/V room.

Soma: Yeah! There you find a bookworm senpai with long black hair… I want to experience a story like that.

Nobunaga: I want to experience romance in a co-ed school too. It’s an age when you become conscious of girls, so having girls in the same school as you would change how you act, right? You’d want to look good in front of the girl you like, and you’d work harder at studying and sports. I’d also be interested in my friends’ relationships.

Soma: You could support them, right?

Nobunaga: Spying on a friend’s confession and congratulating them when it goes well *laughs*. I want to have that kind of experience.

Q: What if you were to appear in a shoujo manga?

Soma: I’d want to be one of the main character’s three male friends, namely the quiet type. Please let me be voiced by Umehara Yuuichirou-kun. *laughs*

Nobunaga: Ahh, we’re similar in how we let someone else have the spotlight. Stepping aside like that is cool, though.

Soma: Ahaha. And then, while the main story is going on, in the background I’m getting closer to the cool-type girl in the heroine’s group of friends.

Nobunaga: I can see that happening!

Soma: I’d want to be the star of a spin-off chapter. What about you, Nobunaga-san?

Nobunaga: Realistically, my position would be the stepping stool… but I’d like being the character that keeps the main characters on edge. My actions would make the hero take action.

Soma: Like, “I have to try harder too”?

Nobunaga: Yeah. And then the heroine is touched by what the hero does, and it ends with me being rejected or nothing happening at all. That would be realistic. But ideally, I’d want to live happily with my childhood friend.

Soma: In a mutually loving relationship?

Nobunaga: Yeah. There are a lot of stories where the childhood friend loses, right? Even though they’ve been supporting the protagonist all their life, they lose to a transfer student who suddenly appeared. The childhood friend position might be plain, but I’d want to be married for life to that kind of calm, warm childhood friend!