[Interview] Ribbon 2020/6 Edition – Saito Soma x Shimazaki Nobunaga – Similar, But Different

Released: 2020/5/2

Saito Soma (Kazuomi in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)
Shimazaki Nobunaga (Rio in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare)

Deliveries are a pain right now because of the pandemic, so I did this while squinting hardcore at the digital version. I will just say that an acceptable resolution for manga is painful for small interview text…

Q: In what ways are you similar and different?

Nobunaga: We’re similar in how we tend to think with our heads, right?

Soma: Yeah. Although I get the feeling that Nobunaga-san is capable of taking daring actions in the end.

Nobunaga: I’m probably the stupider one *laughs*

Soma: No no, that’s not true!

Nobunaga: I do think first, but I end up going “Well, whatever!” Meanwhile, Soma-kun can control his feelings up until the very end, so I think that’s what’s different between us.

Soma: But you know, I’ve been learning how it feels to act on emotion.

Nobunaga: What, you understand what it means to move based on passion now?!

Soma: Yes. Lately, it’s been like “Oh, ‘thinking’ was only a hobby of mine.” *laughs*

Nobunaga: Ahaha, I know what you mean~!

Q: Which scenes made your heart flutter?

Nobunaga: I like the scene where Rio squeezes Yuna-chan’s cheeks and goes “I’m over here!” when she’s being shy.

Soma: When Kazuomi says “Fall in love with me” to Akari…

Nobunaga: Ah~! That was unfair of him *laughs*

Soma: It was! Rio and Yuna-chan’s honest romance also made my heart flutter.

Nobunaga: It’s great how direct they were. But I get the feeling that this work does more than make your heart flutter; it has many scenes where you can relate to the characters as people. Like how Rio suddenly becomes pretentious when attention is drawn to him. *laughs*

Soma: Yeah. Personally, I’m rooting for Rio’s friend, Agatsuma-kun! He’s really a good kid, and I love all of his scenes!

Q: What do you like about each other’s voice?

Nobunaga: Our voices have a similar quality, right? *laughs* Sometimes when someone asks me, “You voiced this character right?” it turns out that it was Soma-kun.

Soma: Yeah *laughs*. I really love Nobunaga-san’s natural acting. In works like Kimi no Na wa., his voice fits so well into the setting.

Nobunaga: Thank you! I love how Soma-kun captures the “sharp” aspects of characters. Like when they’re really coquettish or feisty…

Soma: I play a lot of peculiar roles. *laughs*

Nobunaga: Ahaha! But it’s your way of expressing them that I love!

Q: What kind of adolescence do you want to experience?

Soma: I want to go to the rooftop that I couldn’t go to during my actual high school years. That’s why I became a voice actor *laughs*. I admire the situations you often see in fictional worlds, like skipping class on the school roof and meeting a cool senpai there… I long for that.

Nobunaga: That’s nice. My high school was a boys school, so I’d want to start by going to a co-ed school. Showing off in front of girls, putting my all into playing sports with the guys, eavesdropping on a friend’s confession… I want to experience those!

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