[Interview] Elegance Eve 2020/6 Edition – Saito Soma in Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki – Part.2

Released: 2020/4/25

※Part of this interview is repeated from Souffle – Saito Soma in Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki.

Soma’s Recommendation Comment: “When you like a restaurant, it’s not necessarily for a logical reason—something just clicks with you. This manga is the same! Once I got a taste, I was already hooked, and both my page-flipping hand and sake-drinking hand were constantly in motion! Matsuko-san, let’s have a toast with cup sake!”

Q: Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki depicts Matsuko’s heart swaying between Imaizumi and Date. As a man, are you able to understand this woman’s heart?

Imaizumi-kun and Date-san are both the types that’ll sway a woman’s heart, right? Matsuko-san goes through mood swings at the whims of the two men, but at the end of the day she’ll enjoy blissful alone time with her sake, and I thought those wildly changing emotions of hers were very charming.

Q: Between Imaizumi and Date, which do you have more in common with?

I think it’d be Date-san. I relate to his childish passion for his interests, and how he likes matching alcohol with food. Imaizumi-kun really has that modern day youth feel, though… so if you ask which one makes my heart skip a beat, it’s him *laughs*.

To be honest, I think Matsuko will have a hard time with those two. Date-san’s quite the ruffian, after all. We’ll see how the troubles continue in Volume 4 and beyond.

Q: The female characters are very unique too. Which one is your type?

All of Haruko-sensei’s characters are charming, so it’s hard to choose… but Matsuko-san would be the most fun to live with. She seems like she’d always be excited about delicious food. Seeing her drinking and going “That hits the spot~” would make me relax too.

But the one who’s my type is actually Shiraishi-san. I like the cool, beautiful onee-sans, so I thought “She’s my type” from the start. But thinking realistically, considering how fickle I am, I’d probably find myself pretty tied down by a stable adult like her. But then again, I’m okay with that *laughs*.

Mimori-chan is younger than me, but she’s strong-willed in a good way. So, she’d be the most likely to have me in the palm of her hand *laughs*. Shiraishi-san also says, “I think it’s impressive that she has so much confidence in herself at the age of 24.” She has her life clearly planned out, and shows it off in a way where I can’t tell whether she’s trying to discourage Matsuko-san or actually has good intentions *laughs*. She seems like she’d guide the person she’s going out with, so I think she’s reliable despite being younger.

Honestly, all of the characters are appealing.

Bonus: Off-shot from Soma’s stylist, Honda Yuuki:

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