[Interview] SCRAMBLE BIRTH DAY #1 – Cast Interview

Original Link: https://www.bs-log.com/20200325_1405635/
Published: 2020/3/25

※Only Soma’s section has been translated in this post.

Q1: What were your impressions of the recording?

It was a story about youths with a common goal who strengthen their bonds while clearing each of their own challenges.

Each story part was nicely laid out so I had fun acting it out, and I was positive throughout the recording because it was such a refreshing work.

Today was a solo recording, but it’d be nice if the next one was with the entire cast.

Q2: After seeing the work and the script, what kind of characterization did you do?

Eichi shows multiple expressions during the story this time.

There’s the cool face he has at the start, his gentle brotherly face at home, and after everyone opens up to each other, a face more fitting for his young age.

His circumstances mean that he has to earn money in the outside world, and I felt that that’s why he usually acts like an adult. When he meets Mihiro and the others, he learns the joy of creating something with friends his age, and I thought about whether that should be an instant switch or a gradual transition.

I heard that the individual CDs will delve deeper into his character, so I look forward to that.

Q3: Are there any scenes that you put particular effort into?

There were two main ones. The first was related to his younger sister. There was his attitude towards Mana, as well as his opening up to Mihiro about his circumstances.

The second was the scene where he persuades Mihiro on the rooftop.

Q4: This work brings up four fields: Video, Screenplay, Music Composition, and Vocals. Are you interested in any of these?

I believe film-making involves all four of these, so I’d like to try it one day. As for screenplay, I enjoy writing, so I’d like to try studying it professionally.

Q5: Please give us a message for the people who’ll be buying the CD.

This is a story of four youths hiding struggles in their hearts. They have a common goal and form a team, though it’s not a straight path getting to that point.

I’m sure everyone has experienced those youthful feelings of impatience and inability to accept yourself.

The story this time revolves around Mihiro, and I think you’ll be able to relate to him in various ways and see yourself in him.

You can really feel the adolescence in this work, so I hope you’ll listen to it again and again. Thank you for your support.