[Interview] Elegance Eve 2020/5 Edition – Saito Soma in Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki – Part.1

Released: 2020/3/26

※Part of this interview is repeated from Souffle – Saito Soma in Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki.

Soma’s Recommendation Comment: “The considerate comedian Matsuko-san, the cool bespectacled Shiraishi-san, and the clever, worldly Mimori-san are all wonderful! But Matsuko’s probably locked onto Date-san’s route, right? …Or so I thought! That’s it, Koizumi! You are interested, Koizumiii! I can’t wait for the next cup (volume)! I’ll drink another cup sake tonight, wishing for everyone’s happiness!”

Q: How did you find out about Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki?

I saw an ad for it online. I thought the art was really cute, and I’ve always liked manga about alcohol and gourmet food, so that piqued my interest. I read Chapter 1 as a start, thought “This is interesting!” and immediately bought the rest of the chapters *laughs*. Haruko-sensei’s art is very much my style.

I actually microwaved cup sake like Matsuko (the protagonist) did *laughs* and found it relaxing to drink it while reading the manga. I also love all of the characters! It has a comedic touch, so it goes down smoothly.

Q: For this photo shoot, you wore suits inspired by Imaizumi and Date, two of the characters in the manga. What did you think?

I usually don’t get the chance to wear business suits, so it felt very fresh. I’ve imagined before what kind of people might play the role of Imaizumi and Date-san, but I never once thought it would be me. Recreating their scenes and voicing their lines for the PV were novel experiences for me.

If I were to become the voice actor for one of them, I think I’d be a better fit for Date-san. It was rather difficult to portray Imaizumi-kun’s free, cat-like nature. It’s unfair how he’s normally cool and composed, but becomes all smiles when he’s drunk *laughs*. I think it’d be fun to drink while imagining who I’d want to voice him!

Q: With the release of Volume 4, things are getting more exciting in Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki. A message, please!

When I began reading, I knew instinctively that I was going to like this manga, but I’m enjoying it even more than I thought I would. I think that those who pick it up for the first time because of my collaboration will also enjoy “drinking” it in, so I hope we can enjoy it together. Every chapter has me wondering who Matsuko will end up with, and I really want to know where this is going *laughs*. But it’s great how both sake and this manga make me think, “I want to drink a little more.” I’m savouring each and every chapter. As a fan, I’m looking forward to what happens next.

Bonus: Off-shot from Soma’s stylist, Honda Yuuki:

Bonus: A blog post from Honda Yuuki about the styling:


It has another off-shot as well. (I won’t be translating it because he doesn’t allow reposting/alterations of his content)