Yuukoku no Moriarty

  • 憂国のモリアーティ, Moriarty the Patriot
  • Character voiced: William James Moriarty



  • 2020/9/21: Episode 1 Online Advance Viewing & Cast Talk
  • 2020/12/20: Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE – Jump Studio
  • 2021/3/28: Episode 12 Online Advance Viewing & Cast Talk


  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.1
    • Digest of Episode 1 Screening & Cast Talk
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.2
    • Cast video “Teatime with the Moriarty Brothers ~Learning English-Style Afternoon Tea~” (report & interview)
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.3
    • Drama CD
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.5
    • Digest of Episode 12 Screening & Cast Talk
  • Blu-ray/DVD Vol.6
    • Drama CD
    • Came with a bonus CD of Soma reading the lyrics (certain retailers only)


  • Uemura Yuto: “Isn’t the William-style Soma-kun way too cool!?!?!?” (source)
Episode 1 Recording
  • Cast Comment: “I was already reading the original work before, and this was a character that really made me think, ‘I want to try voicing him!’ So, I was truly happy when I had the fortune of being selected for the role. Episode 1 has a bit of a unique composition, so I felt that I had to get it right or else I wouldn’t be able to walk alongside William. I strived to give it all my strength without making it too strained, and I’m excited to see how the completed version turns out. The brothers’ story is about to begin, and I hope you’ll experience and enjoy it for yourself! Thank you for your support!”
Vol.3 Drama CD Recording

Cast Comment: “This story is very important because it’s about Louis and Fred, but I was afraid it’d be difficult to fit it in the anime… so I was happy when I found out we’d be able to present it as a drama CD. They each had their own feelings that they couldn’t express well, and Moran was like the cool, dependable older brother figure to them. As for William, his very last line has a ‘dark smile’ feeling, if I can call it that. I hope I was able to express the intensity of that smile through my voice. Although this story deals with a heavy theme, I hope you’ll enjoy it along with the anime! Please listen to it!”

Vol.6 Drama CD Recording

Cast Comment: “This is an extremely important story for William and Sherlock, as well as one of my personal favourites, so I’m glad that I get to voice it in the form of a drama CD. The last scene really is memorable. I can’t get enough of Sherlock saying Will’s name and getting a suspicion as the steam whistle drowns out his voice. I re-read the story for this recording, and came to like it even more upon noticing the authors’ homages and playfulness. The anime is going to get more exciting as the final episode approaches, so please keep watching it!”

OMEGA Lyric-Reading CD Recording
  • Promotional video messages:

Cast video for Funimation: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=305107510465572
(There is another video that was targeted at the Chinese audience but I can’t find the official YouTube link anymore because it’s region locked, probably to Taiwan)