[Interview] Newtype 2020/11 Edition – Yuukoku no Moriarty – A London Steeped in Red

(Anime visuals only; no scans provided)

Released: 2020/10/10

Saito Soma (William James Moriarty in Yuukoku no Moriarty)

Sato Takuya (Albert James Moriarty in Yuukoku no Moriarty)
Kobayashi Chiaki (Louis James Moriarty in Yuukoku no Moriarty)

—I heard that you were originally a reader of the manga.

I saw it at the bookstore and thought the cover was really stylish and cool, so I bought it based on that. When I read it, I found out that it was a type of antihero story, with the crime consultant William and his allies turning London into a city of crime. I was pulled in by the battles of wits and deception between the talented characters.

—What’s your impression of the character you voice, William James Moriarty?

William is depicted as a character who shows a variety of expressions, in the manga as well. I consider his elusiveness his greatest appeal. He’s calm and collected, to the point of being coldhearted at times, but on the other hand, he has a unique sensitivity and he’s earnest. Since he’s so mysterious, it makes you want to learn more about him.

—What do you think about Albert and Louis, who work with him?

My first impression of Albert was that he was crafty and more than meets the eye. That might be exactly why he makes a good partner in crime for William. On the other hand, since Louis is the younger brother, I think William wants to keep him clean. At the recording, when I acted with Sato-san and Kobayashi-kun, it fit together better than I’d imagined, which was great. It’s really interesting how we gave the brothers three different styles of coolness and elegance.

—What appeals to you in 19th century London?

From a modern perspective, it feels like a very dreamlike era. While the Industrial Revolution was progressing, unscientific concepts like alchemy were still very much alive. That profundity appeals to me. I also thought that the dangerous contrast between the lifestyles of the upper class and everyone else was important. I think that William would’ve had a different way of life if he were born in any other era. It might be tragic, but I think it’s because of those gears of fate that the story is this way.

—How do you portray William’s “charm”?

His speech and expressions always feel steeped in charm, so I strive to not stray from that axis. In order to ascertain that axis, I thoroughly pore over the script before going to the recording.

—What are you looking forward to in this series?

As a reader of the manga, I’m very excited to hear how the voices are handled for the upcoming characters, like Sherlock. I’m definitely also looking forward to seeing how William’s group will change London. Please witness it with your own eyes too.