[Interview] PASH! 2020/7 Edition – Kitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro

(No scans provided because it was anime visuals only)

Released: 2020/6/10

Saito Soma (Yoshii Isamu in Kitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro)

Sakurai Takahiro (Kindaichi Kyousuke in Kitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro)

“I feel nostalgia from the milk hall scenes”

Q: What kind of person do you think Yoshii Isamu is? Please tell us what you noticed from voicing him, and anything you strive to do while voicing him.

In a way, Yoshii is the most “man of literature”-like of the milk hall cast; you can sense a good kind of greenness from him. He smokes and utters cynical words, but still seems pure somehow… That’s nice; I like that *laughs*. He also plays the role of comedic relief, so I have a lot of fun voicing him.

Q: It seems that you studied literature in university. What did you specialize in? And what kind of impression do you get from this series’ story, Takuboku, and Kyousuke?

I mainly studied Japanese contemporary literature. That said, I wasn’t that serious of a student *laughs*. When I was a student, I’d often get together with friends and we’d discuss literature and ramble about things over drinks. So, I feel nostalgia from the milk hall scenes.

The combination of the innovative and sensitive Takuboku with the unsophisticated yet kind Kyousuke-san makes for a very well balanced duo. I also think it handles the mystery and slice-of-life well.

Q: In Episode 3, Yoshii made an effort to help save Kyousuke who’d been arrested, and in Episode 6, he worked on the murder doll mystery with Takuboku. As someone who’s in close proximity to Takuboku and Kyousuke, what do you think of their relationship where their bond deepens as the episodes progress, despite their quarrels?

First of all, Kyousuke-san’s devotion towards Takuboku is amazing, right? He’s so enamoured with Takuboku’s talent, and in a way, it seems like he’s entrusted his own dreams of adventure to him. But I wonder if it’s actually Takuboku who relies on Kyousuke-san more for emotional support. That’s another reason why I can’t take my eyes off them.

Q: Were there any particularly memorable scenes or lines for you up to Episode 9?

Episode 6 was memorable for me overall, since it was Takuboku and Yoshii’s episode. They both seem similar somehow, right? It was really fun acting out the scene at the end, when they’re going “I don’t want to die yet!”

Q: Since you love literature, please tell us what books and authors you’ve enjoyed reading recently.

For Japanese authors, I like Fukunaga Takehito-san, Tsutsui Yasutaka-san, Maijo Otaro-san, etc. As for the so-called literary masters, I like Uchida Hyakken-san and Tanizaki Junichiro-san.

I recently re-read a novel called The Magus, and I just can’t get enough of that pedantic and aesthetic style. A Japanese novel that I found interesting recently was Murata Sayaka-san’s Shiro-iro no Machi no, Sono Hone no Taion no. It’s rather fetishistic, or rather, it might not be for everyone, but it really struck me.

Q: What do the fans have to look forward to in Episode 10 and beyond?

First of all, thank you for watching up until now! The story is finally in its last stage. It’s been progressing like basso continuo since the start, and the hidden mystery is becoming clear. Please watch until the end, and then rewatch it from the start! Thank you for your continued support!

Q: Out of the unique men of literature that gather at the milk hall, name one for each of the following: someone you think is cool, someone you think is cute, and someone you’d want to be friends with.

  • Someone I think is cool → Nomura-san. He’s everyone’s reliable big brother figure. When he’s there, the conversation develops a rhythm and becomes more fun.
  • Someone I think is cute → Kyousuke-san. Combined with Sakurai-san’s acting, he’s just too cute.
  • Someone I’d want to be friends with → Sakutarou. I’d like to have calm discussions about literature with him.

Birthday Wishes 2020

[Stream] Kitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro – Full Cast Assemble!? SP

Broadcast: 2020/3/21 @ 6pm
Original URL: Unavailable (exclusive to Fami-geki Neo subscribers)
Original Name: TVアニメ「啄木鳥探偵處」放送記念・全員集合!?SP
Guests: Asanuma Shintaro, Sakurai Takahiro, Tsuda Kenjiro, Ono Kensho, Saito Soma, Umehara Yuuichirou, Furukawa Makoto, Hayashi Yukiya

This stream was later uploaded officially to YouTube:

  • The stream began with a screening of the first half of Episode 1, then cast introductions. They then took turns pulling questions for everyone to answer. (For the sake of my free time, this summary will be centered around Soma.)

  • When it’s Soma’s turn to draw a question, Sakurai asks him to show them his “somami” (Soma taste) and Tsudaken asks if somami is green (sure enough, it’s a green gachapon capsule). Soma makes a show out of picking it up and Ume-chan goes “It’s not that heavy” and everyone laughs. Soma finally picks up the capsule and starts rolling it in his hands (“He’s doting on it!”) and after some laughs and snarky comments, Soma says “I don’t know what my direction is anymore!”

  • The question itself was “Is there another character besides your own that you’d like to play?” and Soma’s answer was Akutagawa (and everyone ends up making a chuuni pose for the camera).

  • Another question is “If you were going to have another profession in addition to being a voice actor, what would it be?” and Soma of course mentions that before he went into voice acting, he wanted to be an author. Everyone encourages him and says he can pull it off now. As for the genre, he says he wants to write a traveler’s journal, where he writes about a place he visits (and of course the alcohol there). He wants to go somewhere lush with nature, and Tsudaken suggests Alaska, which Soma laughingly agrees would have a lot to write about.

  • When talking about the voice direction, Sakurai comments that sometimes the sound director uses examples that he doesn’t understand but Soma does (because he reads a lot of books), and Sakurai thinks “Dammit, this guy” when that happens. Soma says that the sound director (who he calls Shimizu-sensei) often goes “You know what this means, right Saito-kun?” for other series too, so every time when Soma’s checking the script, it feels like preparing for a question and answer session, because he expects to be asked about certain things. He also says he gets to learn about a lot of things through Kitsutsuki.

  • When asked if they think they have anything in common with their characters, Soma says yes, because of the way Isamu looks at things with a cynical attitude. When everyone’s interested in something, Isamu thinks “It’s no big deal”, and Soma says he used to be similar in the past, back when he was really interested in pursuing literature. So, when he voices Isamu, he gets a complicated feeling in his chest as if he’s looking at his past self.

  • The next question is “If you were to become a poet, what would your pen name be?” and everyone turns to Soma who wants to become a novelist. The question says poet, but they say a novelist pen name is fine too. Soma says he admires cool names like the author Mushanokoji, but would also like something like “kuchinashi” (no mouth). Using words, but without a mouth. Everyone latches onto it and Soma goes “This is embarrassing, hurry up and move on to the next person!”

  • “If you were a detective and had to pick someone from the guests here to be your partner in solving in a case, who would it be?” Ume-chan names Soma because of his vast knowledge, (Tsudaken calls him kuchinashi again) but Soma says he’s bad at solving mysteries and is terrible at mystery-solving board games. It’s like everything he knows is coagulated inside him, so he needs to be able to think flexibly. His answer to the question is Takahiro-san, but apparently he’s no good at mystery-solving either.

  • Tsudaken continues to call Soma kuchinashi, much to his embarrassment, wanting it to become an established name (#kuchinashi). Soma says that would be way too painful, and says to the camera “Don’t you dare put it on Wikipedia!”

  • For the giveaway at the end, they have to come up with a keyword and Ume-chan suggests “kuchinashi,” much to Soma’s chagrin. Soma’s given the marker and Asanuma says he can write his latest song’s title as the keyword (“They’re not going to allow that!”) and that he can name his next song “kuchinashi.” Tsudaken tells him to write his own fetish, and Asanuma says to write something he’d be happy to see trending on Twitter. They try to come up with something that would benefit the series, but whenever they try to think of what was exciting during the stream, they can only remember kuchinashi, so Soma gives up and writes kuchinashi. Tsudaken remarks on how this is Soma’s first time signing with his pen name, and everyone applauds (Soma is dying of embarrassment at this point and hides behind the sign).

  • At the very end, the sound director Shimizu comes in with sake for everyone, and when he’s pouring Soma’s cup, he points at him and says “You’re a drinker, right?” and Soma laughs it off and asks for just a little.