Qualidea Code

  • クオリディア・コード
  • Character voiced: Suzaku Ichiya



  • 2016/11/11: Guest on Radio Qualidea Code: South Kanto Tri-City Defense Force Broadcasting Club #17



  • Qualidea Code Starter Book
    • Contains cast comments (was distributed at bookstores and anime stores only)
  • BD/DVD Vol.1
    • Cast Audio Commentary
    • Cast Interview in booklet
  • BD/DVD Vol.6
    • Cast Audio Commentary
  • DJCD Radio Qualidea Code: South Kanto Tri-City Defense Force Broadcasting Club (guest episode only)

Cast Comments

  • Cast Announcement
    • “I was very interested in participating in this project and voicing this character, so I’m really happy! I’ll give it all I’ve got, so please be good to me!”
  • About the Character
    • “He has an arrogant side, but I like how he’s honest and not two-faced. He’s like a straightforward chuunibyou. Please watch over him warmly.”
  • About the Recordings
    • “There are a lot of cast members around my age, and it feels like a high school setting, in a good way. The Chiba pair is really good at livening things up, so every session is full of laughs.”
  • Episode 2
    • Qualidea Code has finally begun! Suzaku’s “Free Gravity” will save the world! There’s still a lot shrouded in mystery, but in Episode 2, that person’s ability name is revealed at last! Icchan has good taste! Fan service, fan service!”
  • Episode 5
    • “C-Canaria…! It’s a heavy episode. Suzaku’s mood swings… lol. The value of “people,” “death,” and “the world” might be a bit different from our world. The mystery deepens. Look forward to it!”
  • Episode 8
    • “Suzaku continues to scream and monologue. Ookuni-san is kind of scary. And it finally looks like Kasumi’s time to shine…! I’m sure some have already figured out the big picture that we saw a small glimpse of in Episode 7. Don’t miss the crazy developments from here on out!”
  • Episode 12
    • “Thank you for watching until the last episode! Every week’s recording was so much fun, and I wish I could’ve voiced more of the true heroine Suzaku! This team was the best! Please buy the DVDs! Until next time!”
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