[Event] Qualidea Code Blu-ray/DVD Vol.1 Release Event [Tokyo]

Date: 2016/10/16 @ 2pm
Guests: Saito Soma, Ishikawa Yui, Sagara Sou (author, surprise guest)
Event Report Sourced: https://ameblo.jp/hopt-ag/entry-12211030939.html

Qualidea Talk Corner

  • Impressions now that the anime is over?

Soma: The audition felt like it was a long time ago, but once the recordings began, it went by in a flash. The authors didn’t tell us what was going to happen in the story, so I was in suspense until the very end. I didn’t know when my character was going to disappear. *laughs*

Sagara: The character count went down with each episode, and at Episode 8 the recording studio was very sparse. *laughs*

Yuishi: Canaria disappeared in the middle, but I’m glad she came back. I think she was the ultimate airhead until the end, though. Canaria is different from the other characters I’ve voiced, and at first I was going to audition for Hime, but when I saw that Canaria’s ability involved singing, I decided to try for her since I like to sing too.

Soma: I was considering auditioning for Kasumi as well.

  • What did Sagara-sensei think of their voice acting?

Sagara: Ichiya was fine as-is. As for Canaria, she seemed to struggle with expressing her airheadedness at first.

Sagara: After the recording, we all went to a Qualidea collab cafe and drew in notebooks together.

Yuishi: We talked about how Soma-kun looks like an art college student.

  • Did your impression change after the anime aired?

Soma: Ichiya was calling people incompetent left and right at the start, but in the end, he was being manipulated for the longest.

Sagara: Suzaku is the character with the most human reactions.

Soma: He became better friends with Kasumi midway, which I was happy for because there weren’t any characters he could have a proper conversation with besides Canaria.

Yuishi: On the other hand, I felt bad for Canaria, because in the last episode everyone else was paired up (Ichiya + Kasumi, Hime + Hotaru, Asuha + Aoi) except for her.

Sagara: Canaria belongs to everyone *laughs*

Yuishi: There’s a year in between the novel and the anime, so Canaria developed during that time. I think that’s why she was a serious, older sister type at the beginning of the anime. Although she immediately became airheaded *laughs*

Sagara: Yeah, Canaria might’ve had the biggest personality change between the novel and the anime.

Soma: The fact that she’s always smiling didn’t change, though. I’d want to be told that too (“When you’re in trouble, smile!”).

Sagara: Canaria can live without Suzaku, but Suzaku can’t live without Canaria. I think that by saving Suzaku, she also saved herself.

Yuishi: Ichiya has a lot of scenes where he’s struggling, but that makes you care about him more. I thought that he and Canaria supplemented each other.

Sagara: I’m glad that you both understood my intentions for the characters.

  • We have a sample of the Vol.2 Blu-ray here, that goes on sale this month. It includes a novel written by Sagara Sou-sensei.

Sagara: Canaria is the main character. Actually, she’s there the whole time.

Soma: Is Ichiya there the whole time?


Soma: Huh?

Sagara: Look forward to it *laughs*

  • Which scene do you want people to watch the most?

Soma: The scene where Ichiya pushes Kasumi against the wall. Also, Canaria’s singing.

Yuishi: The conversation between the adults. When you’ve seen the last episode and go back to see what they said at the start, it all links together. I also like the scene where the adults hold hands.

Trinity Challenge Corner

  • The three team up to play games, and they win a prize if they get a perfect score.
  • The first game was “God Tasting,” where they eat variants of an item and guess which is more expensive. The topic was bananas, where the cheap one was 60 yen and the expensive one was 700 yen. All of them got it right, and apparently the expensive one was sweeter.
  • The next game was “Atomic Draw,” where two of them draw the topic together and the other one guesses.
    • The first topic was Tokyo Tower drawn by Soma and Sagara-sensei, but Yuishi guessed wrong (rocket).
    • The second topic was sumo wrestling drawn by Soma and Yuishi, which Sagara-sensei guessed correctly.
    • The third topic was Halloween drawn by Yuishi and Sagara-sensei, which Soma guessed correctly.
  • The third game was “Prestigious Hands,” where they take turns putting their hands inside a box and guessing what’s inside. The answer was a chick-shaped cake, which they guessed correctly.
  • Since they performed well at the games, they qualified for the prize (to be received after the event).
  • The person who wrote the event report commented that Soma seemed to be taking the audience in the back seats into consideration, because he suggested the cast stand up to play, and held the items up as high as he could.

  • Lastly was the gift corner, where an autographed poster was given away by raffle.