@SomaStaff 2019/02/24 14:03

Hello everyone! Saito Soma here! It’s finally concert day! The weather is sunny, and I’m certain it’ll be a wonderful journey! I’m already using the goods! I want to sing and rock out with everything I have, so please lend me your support! -S

@SomaStaff 2019/02/24 00:45

The first concert is today. Perhaps because all of your feelings have reached the sky, the weather seems like it’ll be sunny. Please stay safe, and if you feel unwell, please speak to a nearby staff member. If you see someone struggling, please let us know.

@SomaStaff 2019/02/23 15:02

[Info Update]
Here are the visuals for Bromide Set A and B☆
On sale at tomorrow’s concert venue starting at 1pm☆
(There will be two ticket checks, one at the merchandise line and one at the venue entrance. The line will begin at 11am, and any line formed before then will be dispersed.)
Online sales begin 2/25 at 6pm!

@SomaStaff 2019/02/18 22:10

We had a concert rehearsal! There’s nothing like a live band…! Suddenly, the concert is only days away…! I’m going to enjoy this to the fullest, with all of my wonderful band members and everyone who’s supporting me! Thank you! -S

@SomaStaff 2019/02/15 18:35

Regarding the merchandise, if you go to the concert website, you can click the pictures to see bigger versions. If you found it difficult to see from the overview we posted earlier, please check here.

Concert website: http://www.saitosoma.com/quantumstrangers/

@SomaStaff 2019/02/15 18:30

The Official Goods Store that pre-opened today has all of the items (+ limited hoodie) for sale. In case orders exceed expectations, reprints will be announced on the official site and this Twitter account if they are confirmed.

Please check this page as well.

@SomaStaff 2019/02/15 18:22

Regarding the merchandise announced today, as stated on the concert website, only ticket-holders will be able to purchase goods on the day of the concert.
If you don’t have a concert ticket or miss your chance to buy them at the concert, please use the goods store. TBC

@SomaStaff 2019/02/15 18:04

Good evening everyone! And sorry to keep you waiting! We can finally show you the merchandise! The pouch, tote bag, record-shaped keychains, etc, all of them are cute and easy to use in everyday life! It’s just a little longer until the concert, so please give us your support! -S

@SomaStaff 2019/02/15 18:04

[Information Update]
Saito Soma’s Official Goods Store is now pre-opened!
The concert goods will go on sale on 2/25 at 6pm.

There’s also a quantum stranger(s) hoodie exclusive to the store!!
Look forward to the design☆