@SomaStaff 2017/03/26 14:16

Summer 2017 – 2nd single confirmed★ Saito Soma will be singing the opening theme for the anime “Katsugeki Touken Ranbu” which begins airing in July.
*Title, release date, and other information will be posted at a future date. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/artist/saitosoma/info/480002

@SomaStaff 2017/03/26 9:41

Anime Japan Day 2! Unfortunately it’s raining today, but let’s enjoy the last day. Everyone at Tokyo Big Sight, please watch your step. Come and see us at the SACRA MUSIC booth in East Hall 2! #AnimeJapan2017

@SomaStaff 2017/03/25 10:16

Anime Japan is open! In East Hall 2 near the Green/Blue Stage, the SACRA MUSIC booth has a panel set up and a display with a handwritten autograph and message. Please come see it! We hope you enjoy your day at the event.

@SomaStaff 2017/03/23 16:49

Hello everyone! This is Saito Soma, who will be debuting under SACRA MUSIC! I’m truly grateful for the fate that brought this about. I hope to bring you upbeat and unique music! Thank you for having me! -S

@Masayoshi_Oishi 2017/03/23 10:30

I had the opportunity to do the lyrics, composition, and arrangement for Saito Soma-kun’s debut single! The title is “Fish Story” and I personally like it a lot! It releases on 6/7, so please look forward to it!

@SomaStaff 2017/03/23 10:07

The staff will bring you the latest info on this Twitter account! Saito Soma himself will also tweet sometimes, so please check when you can☆
* There is also an email newsletter that you can sign up for here: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/mailService/saitosoma/

@SomaStaff 2017/03/23 10:00

Saito Soma’s artist debut with SACRA MUSIC is set for June 7, 2017! He will be releasing his first single: “Fish Story”

See details here: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/artist/saitosoma/info/479885