[Blog Post] This Is It! Seisaku Shinkou Shinonome Jirou

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Published: 2020/10/27

Lately, I’ve been enjoying Tonari wa Nani wo Kuu Hito zo by Fujitsuka Yuki, Hansuke Kuimonochou by Kusaka Kyorai and Tomori Marimo, Love Me Ponpoko! by Akagawara Modomu, Boukyou Tarou by Yamada Yoshihiro, Kohaku no Yume de Yoimashou by Murano Masoho and Yoda Nodoka, and One Night Morning by Okuyama Kenichi. I love gourmet manga too much.
Autumn is the season for mushrooms, and I’ve been listening to Kinoko Teikoku (lit. mushroom empire)—Saito Soma here.


Now then, today I have an announcement.
I voiced Inogashira Rokurou in a teaser movie for This Is It! Seisaku Shinkou Shinonome Jirou, a manga that’s being serialized in Comic Newtype starting today!

The manga focuses on dialogues between fiercely individualistic characters, but Inogashira in particular is too over-the-top…! *laughs*
The video on YouTube shows his eccentric and “dope” side, so please enjoy it together with the manga!

You can see the details here!
Thank you for your support!

(Manga website) https://comic.webnewtype.com/contents/thisisit/


Well then, that’s all for today!
Take care!

Saito Soma