[Interview] CUT 2020/4 Edition – IDOLiSH7 Cast Interview/Survey

Released: 2020/3/19

※Only parts related to Soma will be translated in this post.

Cast Survey:

Q1: Out of all the songs in IDOLiSH7, which one shook your heart the most, and why?

Soma: There’s so many emotional songs that I can’t pick just one… but the one that came to mind just now was “In the meantime.” When I first heard the demo, I instinctively liked it already, but when I saw its incredible synergy with TRIGGER’s situation in the story, I felt moved again. I’ve also experienced a period of time when things weren’t going well, and I felt like I was being swallowed up and didn’t know where to turn to. This song links to that feeling very strongly, and whenever I listen to it, I feel a small yet sure determination.

Q2: What was your personal highlight of your IDOLiSH7-related activities, and why?

Soma: This one’s hard to choose too, but it’d have to be the two concerts. I thought long and hard about how I should approach the songs and stand on the stage, as a TRIGGER member and the voice of Kujou Tenn. The 2019 concert in particular was harder and there was more pressure because it was the second one. But because of that, there was an incredible feeling of accomplishment when we all successfully sprinted towards the finale together as a team. Once again, I felt determined to become an actor worthy of being responsible for Kujou Tenn’s voice. It was a spectacular concert.

Q3: What would you like to do with Tenn, and why?

Soma: Hmm… I want to go shopping and let him dress me up in various clothes *laughs*. I’m also interested in what kinds of books and movies he likes. He seems like he’d enjoy things with fantasy elements, but who knows? I’d also like to eat delicious food and drink apple juice with him, just relaxing. I want to eat with all of TRIGGER actually, the six of us in total. *laughs*

Q4: Describe the relationship between TRIGGER’s members in one phrase, and explain why.

Soma: The strongest group of friends, who all have each other’s backs. They started off without fully opening up to each other, but after overcoming all sorts of trials, I think they’ve truly become the strongest trio. The balance between them is exquisite, and if any one of them were missing, it wouldn’t be TRIGGER anymore. It’s because they butted heads so much and overcame tough times that they know they can rely on each other. That’s what I think of TRIGGER.

Q5: What’s something new you’d like to challenge as TRIGGER or the IDOLiSH7 franchise as a whole?

Soma: Our newest song “Treasure!” reinforced my belief that TRIGGER’s recent songs have been traversing new possibilities in addition to the “trigger” aesthetic. TRIGGER is continuing to evolve, so I’d like to challenge even more new styles of music. Perhaps even a really mellow ballad. But first, we need everyone’s help in order to keep producing new content, so please continue to support IDOLiSH7!


  • Masuda Toshiki: (talking about how Iori’s character changed in the anime) The game’s story is composed of still sprites, so there are fewer facial expressions and Iori has a serious face most of the time. But in the anime, all of the detailed expressions are shown, so Iori felt gentler than I expected… Honestly, it surprised me at first *laughs*. Even Saito Soma-san said to me, “Iori’s become really cute, huh?”