[Interview] Oresama Residence -LOVE or FATE- #3 – Cast Interview

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Published: 2020/5/27

Takeuchi Shunsuke (Saionji Fuji in Oresama Residence)
Saito Soma (Saionji Gen in Oresama Residence)

※Only the Shunsuke+Soma interview has been translated in this post. I haven’t listened to this drama CD yet so I’m not sure if the new character’s name is pronounced Mikado or Tei (or something else). I’ll use Mikado for now and change it later if need be.

Q: What were your impressions after reading the script for the prequel story?

Shunsuke: Mahiro had a strong impact. I was also surprised that we got imprisoned. *laughs*

Soma: The story had Mahiro’s dangerous plan progressing, another new antagonist named Mikado, and the six men building a stronger bond. It really felt like the “twist” part of the classic narrative structure.

Q: Your characters had many dialogues. Were there any scenes that particularly stood out to you from the prequel story?

Soma: The conversation with Miori. I think he’s the type of person that doesn’t express his emotions in an easy-to-understand way, so I was glad that Gen was the one who got to hear his true feelings. I was truly impressed by their scene.

The scene where he flares up at Mikado was also memorable. Also, who would’ve thought the day would come when Gen would pat Miori’s head? I can’t believe they’ve come so far *laughs*. This was the first time Gen showed that he could accept people outside of his family, so I was glad to see his growth. Miori also came a long way and can say how he truly feels now, and as someone who was involved with that, it left an impression on me.

Shunsuke: Gen might be the character who’s made the most rapid growth. It’s like he’s become a man. I think Fuji’s direction has changed a bit…

Soma: It’s like he’s changing in a way that makes him more stable.

Shunsuke: Yeah, Fuji’s become a good guy too. *laughs*

Soma: His bad nature is mostly gone now. *laughs*

Shunsuke: I don’t think the past Fuji was liked because he rubbed people the wrong way, but he did have a persuasive power to his words, making you think that he was correct. Now people listen to his opinion because of who he is, not just because he’s the oldest son or because he’s so amazing. I’m glad that he can show his cooperative side now.

Soma: Even if he says “Because I’m Saionji Fuji-sama!”, they accept it for what it is *laughs*. At first it was more like “Shut up, Fuji-kun,” but now they can nod in agreement.

Q: The characters all have wildly different characteristics. Did you have a favourite character in the story this time?

Shunsuke: I’d say Mahiro. I liked how he was presented. I can’t say he has an attractive personality, but I don’t think there are many people who have his kind of love and whose feelings are that hard to read. It’s like he personifies what happens when one becomes pure. The story revolves around him desperately trying to save people who can’t save themselves, showing the most beautiful aspect of humanity. It really left an impression on me.

Soma: I think that Mahiro himself wanted to be released from his own desires, futility, life, fate, and his younger sister. Even though he made it to England this time, it seemed like he was wishing for his own destruction in another way… I think those who listened to the drama CD will understand.

Every character had their chance in the spotlight this time, but since the story was about Mahiro’s life, he left the biggest impression on me. It was saddening to watch him set his heart on the path to destruction.

Q: Please give us a message for the customers who’ll be buying this CD, based on the highlights of the prequel story.

Shunsuke: This is the third volume of a long-running series, so I think it’s extremely satisfying to hear how the Saionjis’ and the Arisugawas’ circumstances cross over all at once. I also think it’ll be fun to speculate on just what kind of man Mahiro is as we head towards the next volume. Please focus your attention on Mahiro.

Soma: Thank you for always supporting Samareji. When you listen to this CD, I’m sure your first thought will be “I want to listen to the last volume now!”, but please look back on all of the past volumes and imagine what the conclusion might be while you wait.

Personally, I think that Samareji as a whole is doing a very noble job of depicting a person’s half-lifetime, and the story is enjoyable whether you look at it from Mahiro’s point of view or us six’s.

Please re-listen to the previous volumes as you await the ending. Thank you for your support.

[Interview] Oresama Residence -LOVE or FATE- #1 – Cast Interview

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Published: 2020/3/25

※Only Soma’s section has been translated in this post.

Q1: What are your impressions after reading the script?

During the previous series (ALIVE), I felt that it showed Samareji’s potential to be serious, and this time the scale felt even grander.

It felt like it was still only the beginning of the story, and I was honestly impatient to find out what happens next *laughs*

I felt proud of the three brothers’ growth, as if I were their parent.

As for the story, I thought the content was rather defiant (in a good way). It makes me wonder how long the brothers and the maid will be able to continue their lifestyle, which also alludes to the series as a whole.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they face it.

Q2: A new character appears in this series: Kirishita Mahiro, the brother-in-law. He plays a key role in the story. What are your impressions of him?

Ahh, he’s a dangerous one *laughs*

He’s an enigma in a way unlike the Kaguragi brothers. He doesn’t reveal his true intentions, and won’t let you catch him.

I was in a different recording session from his voice actor, Morikubo-san, so I’m looking forward to hearing the completed version.

There’s a scene in the latter half where he talks alone with the maid, and when I read that, I thought, “I knew it, this guy won’t go for normal methods at all.”

The focus is the unrest he causes to the Saionji household members, but I’m excited to see more of Mahiro-san’s inner self as the story progresses.

Q3: It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Saionji family. Did you feel any changes in the characters’ relationships?

Quite a few.

This relates to the next question as well, but the three brothers have changed quite a bit since the first series.

You can feel it from the very first track.

During recording and free talk, the three of us cast members also talked about how we’ve changed (in a good way)!

I think it’s wonderful how these changes can be shown due to the passage of time in the story.

At first, it was always noisy when the three brothers were together. But now, for example in Fuji and Ran’s scene, or Ran and Gen’s scene, you can really see their development.

Q4: Since this is the third year, the love confession scenes were different from previous ones. Do you think your character has changed when it comes to romance?

Gen changed the most, for sure! *laughs*

Since he’s the youngest, Fuji and Ran have always been protecting him.

At first, it felt as though he’d been spoiled by that environment. But now, after experiencing many things, he’s decided on his future path and is working hard towards his goal. He’s no longer just the cute little youngest sibling.

His confession scene is confident, as an adult. I could feel that change from the script, so I strived to make sure it was more than just cute.

By the way, Fuji and Ran’s scenes are also top-tier in their own ways, so please look forward to those too.

Q5: Please give us a message for the people who’ll be buying the CD.

All of it is worth listening to, and the new character Mahiro-san’s part is important too, but I also hope you’ll pay attention to the aforementioned changes in the brothers and feel their growth.

This drama CD is the prelude to a grand story that’s about to unfold, so I hope you’ll be excited to see what kind of drama there’ll be between the Saionjis, Arisugawas, the maid, and Mahiro.

Also, separate from this CD are the voiced versions of the side stories that we recorded. Unlike the serious main story, these are 100% comedy, so I hope you’ll listen to them too *laughs*

Please continue to support Oresama Residence!