[Interview] Monthly Hobby Japan 2020/6 Edition – Infinite Dendrogram – Saito Soma x Ono Yuko Interview

Released: 2020/4/25

Saito Soma (Ray Starling in Infinite Dendrogram)
Ono Yuko (Nemesis in Infinite Dendrogram)

※The pose they’re doing is the Dendrogram pose that Hikasa Yoko came up with.

Q: Now that we’ve reached the final episode, were there any scenes or lines that stand out in your memory?

Soma: The scene in Episode 1, when they’re fighting the Demi-Drag Worms and Ray shouts “If you have the potential, then show me!” right before Nemesis awakens was particularly memorable for me. I was already conscious of it being a crucial line for him during the audition, the outcome of which I thought would be determined by who could embody Ray when they said it.

Yuko: I liked Episode 2. Up until then, Nemesis was confident in her strength and boasted about it, but then she loses her confidence when she’s unable to protect Ray. Ray reassures her, and when I read the original light novel, I thought this was a very important scene for her. So, I put my all into voicing it.

Soma: In Episode 2, when I watched the scene in the Tomb Labyrinth where Nemesis goes “I hate zombies~! I’m going into maintenance~!”, I felt bad from Ray’s perspective.

Yuko: After the battles, he gave her a kindhearted polishing. *laughs*

Soma: Also, the battle with Franklin in the last episode personally stood out to me. That was because Franklin had more lines than Ray. *laughs*

Q: Please give us a message for the fans.

Soma: Once again, thank you for watching Infinite Dendrogram! It’s ending on the battle with Franklin, but the story continues on in the light novels, where completely different plot developments await. I hope that with your help, the anime can continue, and we can enjoy going through the novels’ story again. Thank you for everything up until now! Please continue to support Infinite Dendrogram.

Yuko: Thank you for watching all 13 episodes! The anime is ending for now, but the world of Dendrogram isn’t going anywhere. The story goes on in the original light novels. Personally, I feel like their journey really is unfolding somewhere out there. I hope that we’ll be able to bring you more of that world in anime form, so please continue to show your support!