[TV] KBC Asadesu. (2021/3/23, 2021/3/30)

Broadcast: 2021/3/23 (Part 1), 2021/3/30 (Part 2)
Original Name: アサデス。

The second “Asadesu.” interview by Miyata Toshiya from Kis-My-Ft2, an avid seiyuu fan. Soma is the seiyuu he’s supporting the most right now!

Before the interview, there was a short clip of Soma reading a morning call in a princely voice.

Miyata: I interviewed you remotely last September, so this is my first time meeting you in person

Saito: I’d been wondering when I’d be able to meet you, so I’m really happy to be here

Miyata: Out of all the voice actors who are 20-30 years old, I think your voice is the coolest!

(Quick video featuring Saito Soma’s anime roles, Hypmic, and his artist career)

Miyata: I thought your songs were really nice, and then I went “Wait, he wrote all of these himself?” and the moment I thought that, it felt like… the person “Saito Soma” was right there, and I got really into them

Miyata: Also, congratulations on your 1 million YouTube views [on the Date MV]

Saito: *laughs* I think you might be more knowledgeable than I am

(Quick artist career video)

~About why Saito Soma began writing songs~

Saito: When I was a teenager, I was already writing songs as a hobby. I was in a band with my friends. After I became a voice actor, I still wrote songs every now and then even though I wasn’t going to show them to anyone. Then one day, I decided to show my music producer what my songs were like, and he was like “Oh! You write now!”

Miyata: Is he from Johnny’s? Our ex-president? *laughs*

~About “Somami”~

Miyata: I sensed a lot of intelligence from your word choice. What’s your favourite word out of your lyrics?

Saito: I have a song called “Deraciné,” and there’s a phrase in it that goes “kaze ni natte tayutatte itatte iinda.” I like things that can’t be explained in words. So it’s like, “I want to be something that drifts around like the wind.” That’s the first thing that comes to mind right now.

Miyata: I see… You’re so smart that I don’t really understand what you’re saying

*both laugh*

Saito: S-Sorry *laughs*

Miyata: I got through 20 years of Johnny’s with just “Whoa!” and “Really?!”

Miyata: Your tour starts in April, right? And the first stop is in Fukuoka

Saito: I don’t get many opportunities to go to Fukuoka or Kyushu for work, so to be honest, I’m really restless right now. I hope to be able to put on a performance that only the air and atmosphere in Fukuoka can bring out, so please look forward to it. Thank you very much.

~A battle between Miyacchi and Saito Soma in Old Maid~

Miyata: An Old Maid game where you can learn Fukuoka lingo!

*both clap*

Miyata: Since you’re coming to Fukuoka in April for the start of your live tour, we prepared this so that you can learn Fukuoka words and locations to use in your MC.

Saito: That’s so nice of you! Thank you!

Miyata: The rules are standard, but instead of pictures, the cards have Fukuoka phrases on them (in Hakata-ben and whatnot). When we get a pair we can discard it, but we have to read out the phrase in a cool voice. If you win, then 20 seconds of your MV will be aired. If I win, then 5 seconds of your MV will be aired.

Saito: So I essentially win either way?

Miyata: Yeah

Saito: That’s so kind of you

Miyata: Kis-My-Ft2 doesn’t get to be aired?! Come on, air us too!!

(MV of Kis-My-Ft2 – Luv Bias)

Miyacchi shuffles the cards – which have a Yu-Gi-Oh-esque back

Miyata: This brings me back to my childhood

Saito: It makes you remember, right?

Miyata: I wanted Blue Eyes

Soma finds a pair in his starting hand…

Saito: Um, I’d rather have this said to me

Miyata: Oh?

Saito: Nee nee… sono seki… totto-to? (Hey… is that seat… available?)

Miyata: Cute!!!

Miyacchi also has a pair in his starting hand

Miyata: I’ve got a tough one here… Chikugo-Funagoya ni wa… Tamasuta (Chikugo-Funagoya has Tomahawk Stadium) *laughs*

Saito: That was cool

Miyata: Really? Thank you

Saito: It was an ikemen voice!

Miyata: Thanks. Oh man… the person with the coolest voice said I have an ikemen voice

The game begins


He draws the old maid

Miyata: DRAW!

Miyata: Oh, a pair! *angry voice* Kosuka~!! …Sorry, what does this mean?

*Soma laughs*

Miyata: Oh, “unfair”! So the way I said it wasn’t necessarily wrong, good

Saito: Boku no turn… DRAW!

Saito: *drew a pair* I want this to be said to me…!! Naa… bari sukicchan (Hey… I really like you)

Miyata: So cool! *in tears* That’s… the voice I always hear in anime… *wiping tears* I always hear this voice…

Saito: Um, this program is called “Asa desu” (“it’s morning”) but now I’m “Ase desu” (“I’m sweating”)

*both laugh*

Miyacchi draws a card

Miyata: A pair! Chihaya-eki no tsugi wa~ Kashii-eki ya ne (The next stop after Chihaya Station is Kashii Station) …I feel like TOKIO’s leader now

*both laugh*

Saito: Kashii Station and Chihaya Station?

Miyata: Apparently Kashii Station has a lot of students, so the students might be happy if you know about it

Saito: Ohh, I see

Saito: Watashi no turn… Draw.

Saito: *drew a pair but seems to be confused*

Saito: *old man voice* Ah… Zasshonokuma de… mattorubai! (I’m waiting at Zasshonokuma (name of a building))

Miyata: Wow! That was lifelike! I could visualize the scene!

Miyacchi has one card left, Soma has two including the old maid

Miyata: I’ll win this, and Soma’s MV will play for 5 seconds! DRAW!

He draws the old maid

Saito: I choose you!

He draws the old maid

Miyacchi draws the old maid again

Miyata: The face on this card is starting to annoy me

Saito: It’s like it’s mocking you, right?

Saito: Watashi no turn… Draw!

Saito: *drew the final pair*

Saito: *whispering voice* Nanshiyotto? (What are you up to?)

Miyata: Cute!!!

Miyata: Okay then, it’s Soma-kun’s victory!

*both clap*

Saito: Thank you

Miyata: It’s my loss. Please play the MV!

Saito: Please watch this MV of a song I wrote~

(carpool MV plays)

Saito: I’m glad that I got to be on such a warm, friendly program, thank you! I’m really happy *bows*

*they do the Asadesu pose together*

[TV] KBC Asadesu. (2020/9/8, 2020/9/29)

Broadcast: 2020/9/8 (Part 1), 2020/9/29 (Part 2)
Original Name: アサデス。

Saito Soma was interviewed by Miyata Toshiya from Kis-My-Ft2, an avid seiyuu fan (and Soma fan, as you’ll see).

Miyata: Asadesu! Good morning! I’m Miyata Toshiya from Kis-My-Ft2, the Tuesday regular on this show! Now then, today I’ll be having another remote interview with a voice actor! He has a refreshing voice that even men will fall in love with. From the popular media mix project Hypnosis Mic… Saito Soma-san!

(Quick video featuring Saito Soma’s roles in Haikyuu!!, Furifura, and Hypmic, as well as his artist career)

Miyata: Miyata Toshiya from Kis-My-Ft2 here!

Saito: Thanks for having me~ I’m the voice actor Saito Soma~

Miyata: What a nice voice…

*both laugh*

~Reporter Miyata talks about the anime he likes that Soma was in~

Miyata: I really loved Piano no Mori. Also Doppio in JoJo, and Yamagi in Orphans. Personally, I think that you have the coolest voice out of everyone lately.

Saito: *deep voice* Really…? Thank you.

Miyata: Your voice is so good!

Saito: This is embarrassing *laughs* Thank you. I didn’t think you’d know about me, so…

Miyata: No no, what’re you saying? Of course I know you!!! You’re freaking Saito Soma!!!

(Quick Hypmic video)

Miyata: I heard that you’re an avid reader…

Saito: Yes

Miyata: What kind of genres do you read?

Saito: When I was a student, I read a lot of typical “literature” like Dazai Osamu, Miyazawa Kenji, and Tanizaki Junichiro, to name some famous ones. I like finding foreign books where only one book in the series has been translated into Japanese, or books that no one has written reviews for yet.

Miyata: You’re pretty serious about it, huh?

Saito: Yes, before I decided to become a voice actor, there was a period of time when I wanted to become an author.

Miyata: So, Asadesu is a Fukuoka-based program. Have you gone to Fukuoka before?

Saito: I went there last year for work. It’s a really nice place—I’d want to go there again if I have the chance. I like enjoying food and alcohol that go well together, and Fukuoka had both good food and good alcohol—oh and the air was clean too. I felt like I’d returned home, even though it was my first time working there.

Miyata: Ohh, that’s how much it resonated with you?

Saito: It was only a one-night trip for work, but I’d like to take my time exploring and seeing the scenery sometime. I wonder if this interview might lead to something… If you call me for something, I’ll come over right away

Miyata: When the pandemic is over, let’s film something in Fukuoka together

Saito: I’ll free up my schedule right away!!

Miyata: I’m holding you to that! Staff-san, did you hear that? He said he’ll free up his schedule right away!

Saito: The world continues to be in a difficult situation, but as a voice actor, I feel that fiction and entertainment have the power to enrich people’s hearts at times like this. Let’s keep eating lots of good food and living healthy, peaceful lives together. *Gentaro mode* That’s not a lie! Thank you!

~About Hypnosis Mic~

Miyata: The anime adaptation was announced, right?

Saito: Thank you *bows* Hypnosis Mic was based on CDs—songs and drama tracks— but when it’s only audio-based, it makes you wonder what facial expressions the characters are making, etc. Have you ever watched an anime where the character didn’t have a dialogue line, but their expression really hit home?

Miyata: I love the faces that girls (in anime) make the moment they fall in love

*both laugh*

~About why Saito Soma became a voice actor~

Saito: When I was a first-year in high school, some things happened that made me not want to go to school. I holed myself up at home for several months. When I was at home, I watched a lot of anime and found out about voice acting as a job. I felt that anime really helped me get through that time, and that feeling turned into admiration. I wanted to try being on that side.

Miyata: You sound like a light novel protagonist

*both laugh*

~About Saito Soma’s unexpected likes~

Miyata: I received info that apparently you love sports drinks; is that true?

Saito: *laughs* Yes… I played a lot of sports up until middle school, and I loved drinking Pocari Sweat afterwards and letting it seep into my parched body. So I’ve always been saying that I like Pocari Sweat, and one day, a radio director said, “If you say you like Pocari so much, then you should be able to tell the difference between them by taste, right?” So they prepared a quiz with powdered, bottled, and canned Pocari (tall and short) in paper cups and I had to guess which one was which. They should’ve tasted the same, but I happened to get them all right. The bottled one was obvious, but the two can sizes were just… intuition (“kan”) *laughs* Ahh, I’m going to be so embarrassed when that line airs on TV *laughs*

Miyata: It’s dangerous (“akan“), right?

*both laugh*

Saito: Now it’s like I’m a Pocari seiyuu… Is it okay to use this much time on this?

Miyata: It’s okay; when I interviewed Shimono Hiro-san, he talked a lot about karaage.

Saito: I watched a bit of that… he was more enthusiastic about karaage than his new song

Miyata: Yeah *laughs* So it’s completely fine to talk about Pocari

*they do the Asadesu pose together*