[Interview] Animedia 2020/11 Edition – Yuukoku no Moriarty – Genius vs Genius

(Anime visuals only; not posting scans)

Released: 2020/10/10

Saito Soma (William James Moriarty in Yuukoku no Moriarty)

Sato Takuya (Albert James Moriarty in Yuukoku no Moriarty)
Kobayashi Chiaki (Louis James Moriarty in Yuukoku no Moriarty)

—Tell us about your impressions when you read the original manga.

I thought the antihero premise of the protagonists turning London into a city of crime for their goals was cool, and it made me want to marathon the rest of the series. I also liked how the high-level battle of wits between brilliant minds trying to outwit one another was depicted in a stylish way.

—What do you find similar about you and William?

Recently, I was told that something I thought was normal actually wasn’t normal. William also has quite unique sensibilities and values, so we might be similar in that respect.

—What are your impressions of the older brother, Albert, and the younger brother, Louis?

I think that Albert is cunning. He trusts William and does a lot of things behind the scenes. William considers him a partner in crime, and a comrade that he can trust. On the other hand, I think that William wants to protect Louis’s clean hands.

During the actual recordings, Sato-san and Kobayashi-kun’s acting matched my expectations, so the brothers’ dialogues came together well. I feel at ease knowing that we’ll certainly form stronger brotherly bonds as the recordings progress.

—Are there any characters besides William that you like or are interested in?

Everyone is great, but I think Louis is the cutest by far. I also like Moran-san’s pitifulness *laughs*. I’m also curious as to how Von Herder creates weapons while blindfolded. Since the story is so serious, it’s comforting when Herder shows up and makes things more comedic.

—Please give a message to Animedia’s readers, including what we can look forward to in the rest of the series.

I’m happy that this wonderful manga is being adapted to an anime by an amazing team of staff. I think the anime will have its own unique advantages, so I hope you’ll enjoy the manga and anime’s different worlds of Yuukoku no Moriarty and get excited about them with us. Thank you for your support!

Questions About the Moriarty Brothers

Q: If you were going to dress up the brothers in a modern style, what would you choose?

They seem like they’re always dressed up, so I’d like to see them in casual clothes, like a rough sweater or a shirt with a loose neckline. Then there’s the typical Japanese-style clothes, since I think they’d look good in them. I’d also like to change their hairstyles. As for colours… Can I get all three of them to wear pink? *laughs* Different brightnesses of pink. Let’s make Moran-san wear it while we’re at it!

Q: What would you give the brothers as a taste of autumn?

It might be difficult this year, but what about sanma (Pacific saury)? I won’t hide it—I really love sanma! It’s my favourite of all grilled fish. I don’t think they’d know much about Japan back then, so I’d have them grill sanma on a shichirin grill and wear pink Japanese clothes. It’d be cute if Louis tasted the bitterness of the fish guts and said “No thank you.”

Q: If you were the fourth Moriarty brother, what position would you want?

In my family, I’m the oldest of three children, but if I was going to be one of the Moriarty brothers, I’d want to be the third son. I think it’d be the most desirable position because the two older brothers would help me with things, while Louis would be my younger brother listening to what I say. I think being the third brother is the position that has both the deliciousness of having a younger brother and the strengths of having older brothers. I want to reap all the benefits. *laughs*