[Blog Post] 2nd Full Album “in bloom” On Sale!

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Published: 2020/12/22

It’s become really wintry now. How are you all spending today—the day after the earth era shifted to the air era?*
I filled my bathtub but got out quickly because it was hot. Around 40°C is the most comfortable. Saito Soma here.

Now then, my second full album “in bloom” is finally out!
Information about it was revealed bit by bit leading up to the release, but it really feels like, “Finally!” I pray that it safely reaches your hands.

Up until now I’ve mainly been singing about the end of the world, but these eleven stories are my imaginings—or perhaps delusions—of life beyond that. I hope you’ll savour them thoroughly and repeatedly.
I think I was able to create a wider variety of songs this time. I know I had fun, but I wonder, what do all of you think? How is it?
I’m looking forward to your impressions!

We still don’t know how the situation will play out, but my tour was scheduled for next year.
That young, teenage Saito who shut himself in his room, longing for “someone who wasn’t him, in a place that wasn’t here,” is now turning thirty next year. I’m still inexperienced in many areas, but now that I’ve realized my place in the larger flow, instead of only being on the receiving end, I’ve started making a conscious effort to bridge to the next step. I wonder if that means I’ve made a bit of progress.
This album is overall more introspective and decadent than the previous one, but despite that, I created it with a pleasure-seeking mood in mind. I wonder if you can sense in it my will to bridge to the next “something.”

I hope everyone who listens to it will spin their own tale of what happens next.
Once again, thank you for all of your support!
Please continue to support me in both my music and my voice acting work!

Well then, that’s all for today!
Take care!

Saito Soma

*TL note: This is referencing the winter solstice and astrology. This year, Jupiter and Saturn are meeting in an air sign for the first time in 200 years (previously they met in earth signs). If you’re interested in the implications, look up “great conjunction.”