[Interview] Aoi Haru no Oto ga Kikoeru Vol.2 – Cast Interview

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Published: 2020/11/25

※Only Soma’s interview has been translated in this post.

Q: Please tell us your impressions of the story after reading the Vol.2 script.

When I read Vol.1 I was eager to find out what happens next, so I first absorbed myself in reading Vol.2. Iriya talks more with his group and with Ayato, which was refreshing. He’s surprisingly cold to Ayato *laughs*. The reservations between Nao and Ayato are making progress, but on the other hand, new problems are cropping up with Iriya, Ibuki, and Ren… Anyway, I really want to read the next volume. I’m also interested in Nao’s singing! I want to hear the final product soon!

Q: Please tell us your impressions of the recording (what you felt was difficult or enjoyable about voicing your character).

This time I couldn’t record with Nao and Ayato, and I wish I could’ve, since Iriya had a lot of dialogues with them. Also, Iriya being who he is, his mental state has become more complicated from last time, and the non-straightforwardness was both difficult and fun. I think I managed to perceive his heart better than last time, and I hope I’ll be able to deepen that connection next time.

Q: This volume focuses on the relationship between Nao and Ayato. What did you think of it?

That’s the biggest highlight of this volume. For some reason I found myself empathizing with Ayato’s relationship with his mother in Vol.1, so I’m looking forward to listening thoroughly to how Nao softens Ayato’s stubborn heart and the wonderful things born from their clashes in the final product. It’s truly valuable to have a person like Nao who will confront you head-on. Ayato fought back, but in the end he’s touched by Nao’s pure feelings. It made me realize again how amazing Nao is.

Q: Which character left the biggest impression on you in Vol.2?

I’m still interested in Iriya, of course. His feelings have gotten more complicated from Vol.1, and they go back and forth quite a bit. I felt the complexity and fascination of this series. There’s also Ayato—I haven’t listened to the final product yet, but I teared up when I was reading his conversation with Nao at the end. I’m eager to find out how he gets involved with the rest of the characters in Vol.3 onwards.

Q: Please give us a message for the fans based on the story highlight of this volume.

The mystery presented in Vol.1 deepens, while other doubts are cleared… Quite a lot happens in Vol.2! There’s still a ways to go, though. I’m sure the remaining three will have their story told in Vol.3 and beyond. Anyway, personally I’m worried about whether Iriya will find solace! We cast members are also looking forward to how the five boys’ adolescence will progress. Thank you for your continued support!