[Interview] Betsucomi 2020/3 Edition – Queen’s Quality – Saito Soma & Komada Wataru

Released: 2020/2/13

Saito Soma (Horikita Kyuutarou in the Queen’s Quality drama CD)
Komada Wataru (Shikata Ataru in the Queen’s Quality drama CD)

Saito Soma

Q: What did you think of voicing Horikita Kyuutarou?

Kyuutarou is a clumsy and honest character, and while he acts his age, he’s also shouldering a lot, so he’s determined. The character is very fleshed out in the original work, so I got to use a lot of variety in my voice to make it fun to listen to the drama alongside reading the manga. Also, the conflict between his feelings for Fumi-chan and his resolution really struck me as a reader, so I hope I was able to convey that faithfully.

Q: A message for the readers, please!

I first started reading this manga after receiving the offer, but I went past the level of “checking out what I’d be working on” and really enjoyed it from the perspective of a reader. It has orthodox elements, but the author’s originality comes through, especially in the characters. It’s a very charming work, and I hope you’ll listen to the CD alongside the manga. And if fate wills it, I hope I can be involved with this series in other ways in the future, so please continue to support Queen’s Quality!

Komada Wataru

Q: What did you think of voicing Shikata Ataru?

Ataru-kun seems like the type that’s aloof from the world, but at the same time, he has that “I won’t interfere” aura while also getting pushed around by Kyuu-chan–it’s great! I had fun voicing him! There were a lot of tsukkomi scenes overall this time, but since there was his unexpected fear of bugs, I had to put everything into his panicking there. If I didn’t break through my inner limits then it wouldn’t be entertaining enough, so I had to do some trial and error.

Q: A message for the readers, please!

I’m honoured to have the opportunity to voice Ataru, and I did so with all my heart, hoping that hearing his voice would help the readers better visualize him and immerse themselves into the story. His post-tsukkomi etiquette comes across more easily in audio form, so I hope you enjoy listening to it as well as reading the original work. The whole cast put all of our heart into this, so I’d love it if you listened to it multiple times.

Recommended Scenes

Soma: Perhaps Track 3 of the Vol.2 CD (included with the special edition of the manga vol.11)? I really like how the author’s manga characters aren’t too stereotypical, as well as how the spreads and panel layouts are set up to surprise you! Considering Kyuutarou knows the secret he’s hiding, you expect him to say something like “It’d be better if I weren’t here,” but then you flip the page and he says “I absolutely can’t say that.” I love these kinds of scenes that betray your expectations in a good way.

Of course, the serious discussions and Kyuutarou’s confession scene were gripping too, but I thought Fumi-chan’s normal way of thinking–or rather, her way of feeling?–were also great. She isn’t forced to play the tragic heroine, and instead does her best to resolve the problems ahead of her with energy and a smile. It really makes me want to not just watch her by her side. Actually, it motivates me to want to take action too! I also really enjoyed Fumi-chan’s comedic scenes in the manga, and I’d like to hear more of them voiced as well.

Wataru: It’d have to be the scene from the fan book. It starts off with a super serious atmosphere, but it falls apart in the latter half and in the end, Ataru starts lecturing about the ultimate etiquette even though he seems like he’d be the sloppiest one of them all. I personally found it really funny, and I’m glad I got to voice him… What a good guy! I recommend the fan book to everyone.

Bonus Question: What do you do when you feel uneasy?

Soma: Without a doubt, sleep! I’m the type that doesn’t want to see people when I’m tired, and I’m not one to voice complaints either, so the best is when I can spend time alone in silence. I’m an extremely heavy sleeper! 6 hours really isn’t enough at all. But sleep is also physically refreshing for your brain, right?! I wish I could sleep as long as possible without having to set an alarm for the next day *laughs*

Are you the type to spend your days off sleeping?

I do end up sleeping a lot on them. It definitely feels like a waste, because I have a lot of other things I want to do, but even if I think that before I go to sleep, when I first wake up in the morning I’m not going to go “Okay, it’s action time!” right away. So, it’d be nice if I could try sleeping as long as I want. Just how long can I sleep for? That’s how I’d like to clear up my messy feelings.

Wataru: I go outside! It depends on the weather, but if it’s sunny, then I go out! I like to exercise, so I’ll move around and work up a sweat! I go to the gym regularly, but I also love playing sports like badminton or basketball in a gymnasium, running around and shouting in a loud voice with everyone.

Are you a total extrovert?

Yep, I can’t hide it! I can’t go out when it’s raining, so on days like that I’ll take a long bath instead. I’ll fill the bathtub to the point where it’ll overflow when I get in *laughs* but I enjoy it when it overflows! I also have fun filling it to the brim, putting my face to the water, and letting out a loud voice. If you’re like me (your voice is too loud), shouting at home makes people turn to look… so I recommend shouting into the bath water instead! No matter how loud you are, no one outside will hear! Although, if I’m feeling uneasy, then I’d rather it be sunny! *laughs*