@voice_newtype 2017/06/19 20:02

✨On Sale 6/26✨ “VOICE Newtype No.064” cover & lineup reveal❣ Purchase from Kadokawa Store within the designated period for a chance to win 1 of 20 bromides autographed by Saito Soma❗ Details: https://kiki-voice.jp/news/246

@SomaStaff 2017/06/14 16:38

[Celebration] Saito Soma’s “Fish Story” ranked 9th on this week’s Oricon Weekly CD Single Ranking! Thank you everyone for your support! https://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/w/2017-06-19/

@SomaStaff 2017/06/09 9:32

[On Sale Today] 6/9’s “Seiyuu Animedia July Edition” has a 10-page special on Saito Soma! Check it out along with his debut single “Fish Story”

@seigura 2017/06/08 22:29

Tomorrow’s Seiyuu Grandprix July edition has a gravure feature of Saito Soma! We heard a lot about his debut single “Fish Story”♪ Please check it out!

@SomaStaff 2017/06/07 23:45

Thank you for today’s release event and live stream! Once again, “Fish Story” is now on sale! It’s been a busy day, filled with many new experiences! I’ll keep devoting myself so that I can continue journeying the rainbow-coloured night with you all! Thank you! -S

@SomaStaff 2017/06/07 12:34

[Fountain Plaza Release Event] The event-exclusive bromides have run out. Thank you! CD sales will continue at the sales corner. The event begins at 7pm. Stop by if you can make it after school/work!

@SomaStaff 2017/06/07 12:20

The “Priority Viewing Area Entrance Tickets” being distributed at the special sales corner have now run out. Thank you. *We will also stop distributing the event bromides when they run out.