Rich Keikan Cash!

  • リッチ警官 キャッシュ!
  • Character voiced: Cash

This is a comic anime of the manga of the same name, adapting Chapter 1 in full colour. It’s available for free on YouTube:

Cast Comment

(Tell us about your character)
“The way he stylishly breaks through and the way he plays dumb during the comedic scenes are both great! I personally love characters like this, so I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to voice him! I want to see more of how he solves cases!”

(What’s there to see in the comic anime, and a message for the fans)
“The story is entertaining, and it was a fun recording from start to finish! Please see the characters’ new energy now that they’re voiced! And I hope to see them animated in a TV series with the same cast! Please support us!”